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Libertarian Party: End the Defense Production Act

The Libertarian Party today put out the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s invocation of the Defense Production Act of 1950 in response to the coronavirus pandemic:

“Heroes don’t always wear masks. Sometimes they make them,” Libertarian Party Executive Director Daniel Fishman said when commenting on the amazing 28 day 24-hour shift worked by the employees at the Braskem petrochemical plant in southeastern Pennsylvania.… Read more ...

LNC Fundraiser: $4.20 for 420 on 4/20

The Libertarian National Committee sent out the following fundraiser pitch today on the eve of 4/20:

Do you remember what it was like when pot was illegal everywhere?

People were being stopped by the police, families torn apart over possession of a joint, and homes were subject to search…

April 20th has always been a day to talk about Cannabis.… Read more ...

Libertarian Daniel Fishman Withdraws Campaign For Special Massachusetts Senate Election

Daniel Fishman was running as the Libertarian Party candidate for the Massachusetts special senate election triggered by former Senator John Kerry’s resignation to become Secretary of State. The election will be held on June 25th. Fishman, who ran for U.S. Congress in a close three-way race in 2012 and received 4.5% of the vote, announced on his website yesterday that he is ending his campaign. Read more ...

Johnson Campaign Announces New Candidate Endorsements



26 August 2012 – Salt Lake City – Gary Johnson 2012 Campaign Headquarters


Endorsement Process

Candidates making a request for endorsement a) affirm that they have the nomination of the Libertarian Party for the jurisdiction in which they are seeking election or b) if not running as a Libertarian identified candidate (e.g.:… Read more ...