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Daniel Imperato is Running for President in 2020

According to a press release from January, businessman Daniel Imperato is running for president in 2020 as an Independent. In the statement, Imperato attacks the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which prosecuted him in 2012 for allegedly conning investors out of millions of dollars. A page on AliveAdviser.com, which sells a guide to the US Constitution from the Heritage Foundation as a campaign donation, is listed as the official campaign website.… Read more ...

Securities and Exchange Commission: Daniel Imperato Conned Investors out of $2.5 Million

Daniel Imperato, who unsuccessfully sought the 2008 Presidential nomination of the Libertarian, Reform, Green and Constitution Parties, and ran as independent for Governor of Florida in 2010, has been accused by the US Government’s Securities and Exchange Commission of bilking gullible investors out of about $2.5 million US:

A West Palm Beach businessman defrauded investors of $2.5 million and used some of the cash to pay for his presidential campaign, the Securities and Exchange Commission said this week.

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Libertarians John Wayne Smith, JJ McCurry booted off Florida ballot

Ballot Access News reports that “the Florida Secretary of State’s office has removed John Wayne Smith from the November ballot. He is the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Governor. The Secretary of State’s office says he didn’t submit all the necessary forms. However, Smith says he submitted all forms in person on June 17, and he has witnesses and photos of himself submitting the paperwork.… Read more ...

The Return of Daniel Imperato

Readers who have been around since the 2008 election may remember our occasional reporting on Daniel Imperato, who tried to attain the nominations of several nationally organized parties, including the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party. Now Publisher Emeritus Austin Cassidy reports that Imperato is running for Governor of Florida.

Daniel Imperato has filed to run for Governor of Florida as a candidate with No Party Affiliation.Some

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Ugandan writer meets Imperato in Washington, D.C.

A very strange article on independent presidential candidate Daniel Imperato appears in the Sunday Monitor of Kampala, Uganda, of all places. Writer Andrew Agaba says he met “the unknown candidate running for President of the United States of America” about two weeks ago at Union Station in Washington, D.C., when he asked to borrow Imperato’s cell phone.… Read more ...

‘Bin-Laden partner’ endorses Barr, Barr accepts

After failing to receive enough tokens to enter tonight’s debate, Daniel Imperato publicly endorsed Bob Barr. Barr accepted.

If Barr had attended last night’s “unofficial and all-inclusive” debate, he would have known that Imperato claims to have been in business with the bin-Laden family. He also claims to know George W.… Read more ...

Pollster: Ruwart will win LP nomination

From LewRockwell.com:

Libertarian pollster Rolf Lindgren predicts the results of the LP nominating convention:

1. Mary Ruwart
2. Bob Barr
3. Wayne Allyn Root
4. Steve Kubby
5. George Phillies
6. Michael Jingozian
7. Mike Gravel
8. Daniel Imperato
9. Christine Smith
10. Jim Burns
11. Barry Hess
12. Robert Milnes
13.… Read more ...