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Barr wins Libertarian presidential nomination on 6th ballot

Bob Barr will be the 2008 Libertarian presidential nominee. Ballot-Access News has reported full vote totals for each round of voting, with the final decisive vote being:

Bob Barr: 324
Mary Ruwart: 276
NOTA: 26

The order of elimination was:

1st Round: Jingozian eliminated (endorsing Gravel), Smith eliminated (opposing Barr)
2nd Round: Kubby eliminated (endorsing Ruwart)
3rd Round: Phillies eliminated (no endorsement)
4th Round: Gravel eliminated (according to a comment on BAN, endorsing Barr over Ruwart if Root eliminated
5th Round: Root eliminated (endorsing Barr, going for VP)
6th Round: Barr wins nomination

The VP selection process is currently ongoing.… Read more ...