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Danny Panzella Arrested for Handing Out Flyers During NYC Terrorism Drill

Danny Panzella, Chairman of the Staten Island Libertarian Party, was arrested yesterday while handing out flyers during a drill at Pennsylvania Station in New York. The NYPD were releasing perfluoroacarbon gas in several NYC stations to study air flow in the event of bioterrorism. Mr. Panzella and some members of the newly organized Peaceful Streets Project made up some flyers and were handing them out when security guards at the station arrested him.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of NY State Convention: Report and photos

Flickr Photos: here

A quick report from Kimberly Wilder, contributor at Independent Political Report:

I attended the Libertarian Party of New York State Convention as a press person and a third party activist (enrolled “blank/independent). These are some quick observations, which I will expand later in the post and/or comments section.… Read more ...