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Republican drops out of Tucson mayoral race due to signature challenge, leaving only Democrat and two Greens

The Republican candidate for mayor of Tucson, Arizona has dropped out of the race due to a signature challenge on his nominating petitions.  This is of interest to third partisans for two reasons.  First, it is rare that a major party is pushed off the ballot due to signature challenges (meaning that he didn’t collect enough valid signatures on his nominating petitions in order to meet the legal requirement). … Read more ...

In Tucson, AZ one Green enters mayoral race, another drops out to help Republican

From TusconCitizen.com:

[From a press release sent out by John McLane, the Green who dropped out:]  This humble number of registered Greens has to be accounted for. Not only for the sake of the members who have put their faith in our leadership, but for the two hundred thousand registered voters in the city of Tucson who do not believe in the Green party or our ability to create a sustainable city.

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