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Jill Stein, Green-Rainbow candidate for Governor of Massachusetts: How we can make every day Earth Day

Relayed by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch

From Jill Stein, Green candidate for Governor of Massachusetts:

40 years ago tomorrow, millions of people around the country took part in the first-ever Earth Day. The event was designed “to shake up the political establishment and force the environment onto the national agenda,” according to Gaylord Nelson, a US Senator from Wisconsin who was one of the driving forces behind it.Read more ...

Green Party US National Convention set for Detroit during US Social Forum in June

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch


From a Green Party US email entitled “Another World is Possible, the Green Party is Necessary”:

Join the Green Party in Detroit This June!

The Green Party of the United States will be holding its Annual National Meeting this June in Detroit.… Read more ...

Nader 2000 campaign manager publishes article on discriminatory ballot access laws

Posted at Green Party Watch by Dave Schwab:

Theresa Amato, who served as campaign manager for Ralph Nader’s 2000 Green and 2004 independent runs for president, has an opinion piece in the Harvard Law Record entitled “The Two Party Ballot Suppresses Third Party Change”. She notes that although Nader wrote a piece on discriminatory ballot access laws for the same publication in 1958, the situation has not improved in the 51 years since then.… Read more ...

Are Green concerns in Cook County justified?

As previously reported here, a (possibly former) Young Democrat named Sean Burke is running in the Green Party primary for Cook County Board President in Illinois.  There has been some concern that he is some kind of saboteur from the Democratic Party – concern that is not unwarranted, given the filing of a neo-Nazi in some Green primaries in Illinois this year and previous efforts by Democrats to undermine Greens (for the example, the bill that passed the legislature in Illinois this year making harder for Greens to nominate a candidate).… Read more ...

Green Party Watch: Green Party’s invitation to Van Jones makes waves

Dave Schwab writes at Green Party Watch,

The Green Party’s press release inviting recently-ousted White House green jobs advisor Van Jones to join the Greens, potentially as a candidate, has been making the rounds, starting with a story on influential Washington blog The Hill that speculated that Greens are looking to Jones as a future presidential candidate.… Read more ...