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Posts tagged as “Dave Smith”

IPR to Cover Current (and former) Libertarian Speakers/Events at Freedom Fest, 13-16 July, Las Vegas NV

IPR reporters will be covering, in-person, presentations by current (and former) Libertarians, as well as other “third-party” speakers such as Andrew Yang of the Forward Party, at FreedomFest, in Las Vegas, Nevada, 13 to 16 July, 2022.

(Interested IPR readers desiring to attend FreedomFest can receive a discounted registration by using the code and link at the end of this article.)… Read more ...

Reason Magazine: Inside the Mises Caucus Takeover of the Libertarian Party

Earlier today Reason Magazine published the following 31 minute video documentary of the “Reno Reset.”

Those interviewed by Reason Magazine editor-at-large Nicholas Gillespie include, in order of appearance: LNC Chair Angela McArdle, former Congressman Justin Amash, Scott Horton, former LNC Chair Nicholas Sarwark, Randyn Tarnoff, Michael Heise, Dave Smith, Jeremy Kauffman, Brianna Coyle, Tom Woods, Avens O’Brien, and 2020 LP VPOTUS nominee Spike Cohen.… Read more ...

Justin Amash Apologizes to Rand Paul for Libertarian Party Tweet

After BLM and Antifa militants surrounded and  attempted to physically attack Senator Rand Paul and his wife Kelley following the August 27 Republican National Convention, the Libertarian Party Twitter account mocked Paul and downplayed the event Thursday.  In response to a user who tweeted “Rand Paul is afraid somebody on the sidewalk might yell at him,” the party tweeted:


You might spook him.

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