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CORRECTION: Previous Story titled “Daily Paul: Ron Paul says NO 3rd Party or Independent Run” was actually from 2008 article

UPDATE: In the comments, Gene Berkman pointed out that the Daily Paul story was actually from 2008. I relied on my intermediate source, and while I did go back to the original source and read it, I did not notice the date.Read more ...

Dave Weigel leaves Reason Magazine

Posted at Dave has been a source for IPR articles, has used IPR articles as sources, and has been a commenter here. He once notoriously described our atmosphere as “teargas-choked” during our coverage of snubgate. IPR extends Dave Weigel an offer to blog here, although it is not a paying gig for any of us, and we wish him the best in all he does.… Read more ...

Dave Weigel covers last nights debate between Chuck Baldwin and Ralph Nader in The Nation

Dave Weigel writes regularly for Reason Magazine, and emailed about this article, published in The Nation.
Here’s an excerpt:

It’s one of the paradoxes of election 2008. If no one is happy with Congress, no one is happy with the president, and voters grumble to pollsters about the two parties, it should be a breakout year for some political force.

Read more ...

House GOP leader: A vote for Barr is a vote for Obama

“A vote for Bob Barr — you might as well vote for Barack Obama,” says House GOP leader John Boehner of Ohio. “If you want to throw your vote away, that’s fine. But that’s what it would be.”

Boehner’s remarks — which eerily echo the Democrat smears against Henry Wallace in 1948 and Ralph Nader in 2000 — came in response to a question about Barr posed by Reason associate editor, Dave Weigel.… Read more ...