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MAPPED: The Best Performing Libertarian Presidential Candidates by County

Our favorite Twitter mapmaker Nick (@Mill226) has been graciously allowing us to republish some of his maps here on IPR. If you find these kinds of visualizations interesting, you should definitely follow him on Twitter.

As a special commission for IPR, we’ve asked Nick to do a set of maps comparing the Libertarian Party’s showings in presidential elections from 1996 to 2020.… Read more ...

Paul Frankel: My path from Democrat to Libertarian….. and: what was your path from D or R to Other?

The following is a biographical summary of IPR Contributing Editor Paulie Frankel’s path from major party supporter (in this case Democratic)  to 3rd party advocate (in this case Libertarian).

It is posted here with an invitation to each IPR reader who chooses to do so to provide a similar biographical summary, in the comments below, of their journeys from major parties into the realm of Independent/Third Party Political interest and activism with the intention that this sharing of our experiences might prove of interest or useful to IPR readers generally.
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Clark, Kubby, Bergland and 3 other past Libertarian Chairs endorse Hinkle

Mark Hinkle, the California rep to the Libertarian National Committee, is running for LNC Chair at the LP National Convention in five weeks.  His campaign site includes endorsements from 1980 LP presidential nominee Ed Clark, 1984 LP presidential nominee David Bergland (both from California), and 1998 LPCA gubernatorial nominee Steve Kubby. Read more ...

Wayne Root’s Book Climbing In Amazon Sales Rank

2008 Libertarian Party V.P. nominee Wayne Root‘s book Conscience of a Libertarian is climbing in its Amazon sales rank. It is currently

  • #4 in Philosophy > Politics
  • #5 in Politics > U.S.
  • #1 in Law > Taxation
  • #1 in Law > Business
  • #24 in Politics

Here are current Amazon sales rankings for books written by past LP presidential nominees and would-be nominees:

  • 109.
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