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Libertarian Party of Georgia Breaks Own Records With 2010 Election Results

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ATLANTA – The 2010 election did not result in any newly-elected Libertarians, however the Libertarian Party of Georgia is happy with the results. With nearly 1 million votes earned cumulatively by the first full slate of statewide candidates in the party’s history, the most important aspect of Tuesday’s results are the growth in support the Libertarian Party has seen in Georgia.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Georgia Candidates Celebrate Election Night Results

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Contact: Brett Bittner
Phone: 404.888.9468

Who: All Libertarian Party of Georgia statewide candidates, Chuck Donovan, John Monds, Dan Barber, David Chastain, Don Smart, Kira Willis, Shane Bruce, Kevin Cherry, Will Costa, Dr.… Read more ...