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IPR, LP Remember David F Nolan; Personal Papers Acquired By Library of Congress

Unknown potential voter with LP founder David F. Nolan

Eleven years ago yesterday (21 November 2010), David Frasier Nolan, principal founder of the Libertarian Party US, passed away at the age of 66,

David was born 23 November 1943.  Tomorrow would have been his 78th birthday.

As Libertarians across the United States prepare to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Party in Colorado Springs, CO, 11 December 1971, several paused to share memories of David with IPR, expressing a common wish that he could have lived long enough to join in the various celebrations which will occur over the coming weeks, throughout next year, and in to early January 2023:

the first press conference, first convention, first platform, first presidential nominee, first presidential campaign, first electoral college vote – both for the Party and for an American woman – and, on 06 January 2023, the 50th anniversary of the tallying of that vote, by then Vice-President Spiro T.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: How you can add $5,000 a month to the LP mission

Naming opportunities are quickly disappearing . . .

. . . So act right now to put your name on this historic building forever — right alongside LP Founder David Nolan’s

Dear Fellow Libertarian,

As I write you this e-mail, LP members around the country have contributed a total of $190,554 to the David F.

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Libertarian Party: Put your name on the David Nolan Memorial Building

Libertarian Party


LP FOUNDER DAVID F. NOLAN’s name alongside yours

Two names that will be linked forever in the cause of liberty

Dear Fellow Libertarian,

Maybe you’ve already heard the latest news on the Libertarian Party’s new headquarters building. But if not, here goes . . .

The LP is now firmly committed to purchasing a building in the Washington, D.C.,

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Libertarian Party Founder David Nolan to seek seat on Libertarian National Committee

David F. Nolan, who was the prime instigator behind the formation of the Libertarian Party in 1971, has announced that he intends to seek an at-large seat on the Libertarian National Committee at the LP’s upcoming national convention in May.
The LNC is the party’s governing body, and consists of four officers, five at-large members, and nine regional representatives.… Read more ...