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Nevada gubernatorial candidate stands with Cliven Bundy

David Lory VanderBeek, the Independent American Party (Constitution Party affiliate) candidate for governor:

VanderBeek posted a picture of himself with Cliven Bundy on his Facebook page:

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David Lory VanderBeek: Mr. Obama, Put Me On the White House Kill List

Here is a link to Mr. VanderBeek’s website: David Lory Vanderbeek

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Tila Tequila Interviews Nevada Governor Candidate David Lory VanDerBeek

David Lory VanDerBeek is the Independent American Party of Nevada (Constitution Party affiliate) candidate for Nevada Governor in 2014.

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Nevada’s IAP Candidate for Senate in 2012 Has Controversial Video Questioning Sandy Hook

I ran across this video on Facebook, and researched the gentleman who made it. In the video, he states he will be running to be the Constitution Party’s candidate for governor in 2014 , although the website doesn’t mention which party, from what I can tell. He was the Independent American Party’s candidate for Senate in 2012 , receiving 48,792 votes, which was 4.89 %.… Read more ...

Polls for Three Western U.S. Senate Races Show Alternative Party Nominees Holding Balance of Power

Ballot Access News:

Recently, a poll of the Montana U.S. Senate race showed these results: Tester (Dem. incumbent) 44%, Rehberg (Republican) 42%, Cox (Libertarian) 8%, undecided 6%.

A poll of the Nevada U.S. Senate race showed: Heller (Rep. incumbent) 47%, Berkeley (Democrat) 44%, Vanderbeek (Independent American) 4%, other or undecided 5%.

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