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Dual biography of David McReynolds and Barbara Deming, two out pioneers of the left

(excerpt from) Gay City News
Lives of Courage and Commitment
Barbara Deming, David McReynolds: two out pioneers of the left

by Doug Ireland / March 2, 2011

Martin Duberman, known as “the father of gay studies,” is a distinguished historian, playwright, essayist, novelist, and public intellectual, and any new book by him is an event in queer culture to which attention must be paid.… Read more ...

David McReynolds: How you can win in the Tuesday election!


an occasional column by David McReynolds

Winning on Tuesday

One is tempted to blame the tardiness of these comments on the matter of age, having just turned 81. But let’s not use false excuses – it was a combination of a trip to California combined with a computer which had to be taken in for servicing (thanks to Carmen Trotta and Bruce Cronin for their help), which delayed writing this important election eve piece.… Read more ...

The Story of David McReynolds


by Anthony Giacchino
from Vimeo

On October 25, 2009, my friend David McReynolds – long-time pacifist, War Resister & Socialist Party member – turned 80. I’d like to introduce him to you by way of a 15-minute piece I did for his birthday celebration. Since it would have been too hard to sum up his life in such a short clip, I decided to let you see and hear David the way I have over the years … mostly in conversations in his East Village apartment, telling stories and looking through his old photo albums.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA’s David McReynolds and Billy Wharton on the death of Howard Zinn

Socialist Webzine:

by David McReynolds
from Edge Left

I was at a meeting of the New York War Resisters League tonight when, mid-way through the meeting, Frida Berrigan broke into the agenda to say that she hated to relay the news, but she had just gotten text message that Howard Zinn, that great historian of the struggles of the American people, had died of a heart attack at 87.… Read more ...

Socialists make the NY Post – story and photo

Received this tip from David McReynolds, who has run for office as a Socialist and a Green. The NYC Local of the Socialist Party landed mainstream media coverage: a story and a photo in The NY Post.

(excerpt from) The NY Post
Black, White, Red All Over
Gotham’s Socialists Party Like It’s 1972

by Sara Stewart / April 16, 2009

… “Every human being has a right to health care,” says party member Zelig Stern.

Read more ...

Sunday April 19th in NYC: Panel on Afghanistan at Left Forum

The Socialist Party USA (NYC Local) panel at the Left Forum 2009  is titled “Not our war: Afghanistan and the Challenges for the Global Peace Movement

Chairing the panel will be Kristin Schall, Chairperson, NYC Local of the Socialist Party USA. The panelists will be: Helmuth Markov, MEP European Parliament, Die Linke; David McReynolds, Anti-war activist, War Resisters League, Socialist Party USA; and Jonas Sjostedt, ex-MEP European Parliament, Swedish Left Party, United for Peace and Justice.… Read more ...

Socialists Brian Moore and Stewart Alexander send their thanks

Ed, Art, Socialist Party Members, Family and Friends:

No, it is Stewart and I who wish to thank all of the SP members, friends, family and volunteers who worked so hard, and gave of themselves so generously in our 2008 campaign.

A special thanks goes out to Matt Erard, our National Ballot Access Coordinator, for his diligent, effective and smart efforts in helping us qualify on eight state ballots and 22 others as official “Write-In”
candidates.… Read more ...