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Dan Behrman: ‘I Like You, but I’m Afraid of What People Would Think if I Endorsed You’

2020 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman sent the following message today to his email subscribers ahead of this weekend’s Libertarian National Convention.

“I like you, but I’m afraid of what people would think if I endorsed you”

This is what I hear constantly while talking to other libertarians.… Read more ...

L. Neil Smith: Reforming the Libertarian Party

l neil smith


Number 853, January 3, 2016

Believe me, to get what we want to make of society, libertarians must learn not to act like Republicans.

Reforming the Libertarian Party

by L. Neil Smith

I recently joined a group, the LP Radical Caucus, that was new to me, and one of the things they asked on their Facebook page was what ideas, if any, did I have for straightening out what’s wrong with the Party.

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Paulie: Response to Derek Hunter at Townhall on “The Problem With Libertarians”

Paulie cropped

Opinion article submitted by Paulie

Derek Hunter writes:

There was a time I called myself a Libertarian. And there was a time I was a Libertarian. I just wanted to get government to leave me alone, to leave people alone and to go all crazy and limit itself to doing only that which is spelled out clearly in the Constitution.

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Starchild: I Propose a Life-Sized Nolan Chart

Starchild posted this as a comment on another thread, but I thought the idea was well-articulated and deserved its own article.

To read about the proposed building project for the Libertarian National Committee, please read here .

David Nolan was a principled man who dedicated a good part of his life to the Libertarian Party and the cause of freedom.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Put your name on the David Nolan Memorial Building

Libertarian Party


LP FOUNDER DAVID F. NOLAN’s name alongside yours

Two names that will be linked forever in the cause of liberty

Dear Fellow Libertarian,

Maybe you’ve already heard the latest news on the Libertarian Party’s new headquarters building. But if not, here goes . . .

The LP is now firmly committed to purchasing a building in the Washington, D.C.,

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Starr: Wiener Enters Race for LP Vice Presidential Nomination

Wiener Announces Bid for Libertarian Party’s Vice-Presidential Nomination

As a member in good standing of the Libertarian Party since 1972, Daniel Wiener today announced his willingness to be drafted as the Libertarian Party’s 2012 Vice-Presidential nominee.  Prior to his current service on the Libertarian National Committee, Wiener’s personal profile included stretches as Newsletter Editor, Executive Committee member, Judicial Committee Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-Chairman, and Chairman of the Libertarian Party of California. … Read more ...

Carlos A Rodriguez-Freedom Fest: Does it live up to the hype?

FREEDOM FEST: Does it live up to the hype?

This was my second year in a row attending Freedomfest in Las Vegas, Nevada.. The conference which bills itself as the “world’s largest gathering of free minds” is held yearly in mid July in Bally’s on the strip. Last year, I attended as candidate for Congress and had an amazing time meeting libertarian titans such as David Nolan (R.I.P.),… Read more ...

John Jay Myers: My Thoughts On the LNC (Or Off the LNC)

Posted as a note to Facebook early morning Sunday, April 17:

This weekend I was supposed to speak at the Mississippi Party’s State Convention, something I was looking forward to, but instead I made the trip to Washington D.C. to try and fill the slot that was left vacant on the Libertarian National Committee by my friend David Nolan.… Read more ...

Update on LNC At Large Vacancy-filling process

(Posted by Paulie)

In comments on my last update about the process to fill two At Large Rep vacancies on the Libertarian National Committee caused by the death of David Nolan (RIP) and the resignation of former Treasurer James Oaksun, whom former At Large Rep Bil Redpath was appointed to replace, LNC regional rep Daniel Wiener wrote:

There is no official list of applicants for the two LNC vacancies, nor is there any official procedure.

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Update: LNC source says At Large vacancies will not be filled before next regular meeting

Following up on prior reports (see here and here):

I will not name my source unless he/she wants to step forward, but this is from a member of the LNC. -Paulie

1) Redpath’s motion did not have support. According to George Phillies, that motion was: “We move to appoint Rebecca Sink-Burris and John Jay Myers as At-Large Representatives to the Libertarian National Committee for the remainder of the 2010-2012 term.”… Read more ...

Mary Ruwart: Open letter to the Florida and Idaho Libertarian Party State Executive Committees

By Mary Ruwart at Liberty for All. Republished with permission from Liberty for All publisher Lee Wrights.

by Mary J. Ruwart, LNC At-large

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to you in my capacity as an At-Large Representative of the Libertarian National Committee (LNC), which is in receipt of your resolutions concerning Mr.Read more ...

Video: How NOT to Bring in New Libertarians

From Doug Scribner, by way of the Advocates for Self-Government:

Sharon Harris writes,

Here’s a great way to improve your libertarian outreach: watch this short and hilarious video showing how NOT to do it!

“What NOT To Say At A Libertarian Party Outreach Booth,” is a wonderful video by award-winning filmmaker Doug Scribner, with the help of some very talented friends.

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