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Libertarians write letters in support of John Jay Myers for LNC vacancy

Chuck Moulton in IPR comments:

I had heard several people mention the idea of leaving David Nolan’s at-large seat vacant. It seemed like a good idea to me, but when I read the bylaws I found that the LNC is required to fill the vacancy.

LP Bylaws, article 8, section 7:

The National Committee shall appoint new officers and members-at-large if vacancies occur, such officers and members-at-large to complete the term of the office vacated.

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The Media Remembers David Nolan

There has been a significant amount of attention to the passing of Libertarian Party founder David Nolan.

The New York Times published a lengthy article, writing that

Though it is often said the Libertarian Party was born in Mr. Nolan’s living room in Westminster, Colo., on Dec. 11, 1971, in fact it began on that date at the home of another incipient Libertarian in Colorado Springs.

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David F. Nolan, 1943-2010

I just received a phone call from R. Lee Wrights, who is en route home from the Libertarian National Committee meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. Shortly after adjournment of the LNC meeting today, he was informed that Libertarian Party founder David F. Nolan has died. Steve Kubby has also reported this, and confirms it via conversation with Nolan’s wife, Elizabeth.… Read more ...

David Nolan – LP Founder – Passes Away

Sources close to David Nolan tell IPR he passed away last night.

Mister Nolan is survived by his Wife Elizabeth.  IPR does not have information about other famly members.

No cause of death is known at this time, confirmed by the same sources.

Mister Nolan was one of the original founders of the Libertarian Party. … Read more ...

David Nolan proposes resolution for LNC consideration

As reported by George Phillies in IPR comments, Libertarian Party co-founder David Nolan has proposed the following resolution to be considered at this weekend’s LNC meeting:

“WHEREAS the Libertarian Party can grow only by attracting new members and supporters, and

“WHEREAS libertarianism is a unique political philosophy, distinct from both contemporary liberalism and contemporary conservatism, and

“WHEREAS we need the support of both former liberals and former conservatives who have come to realize that libertarianism and the Libertarian Party offer a better path to achieving a just, humane and prosperous society

“The Libertarian National Committee hereby resolves that our party, its representatives and staff should always state clearly and unequivocally that we welcome individuals from across the political spectrum who now accept the libertarian principles of self-ownership and non-aggression.”… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Monday Message: Election Results

Libertarian Party HQ Monday Message:

Dear Friend of Liberty,

First of all I want to thank our over 800 candidates again for taking the time to run for office.

Now that we’ve all had a little time to catch our breaths after election day, we’re working to compile and analyze the results of our efforts.… Read more ...

North Carolina Libertarians ‘Bloody But Unbowed’

Liberty Point:

Libertarian candidates consider election defeats a learning experience, prepare for the next election.

Although the results of the 2010 election were a disappointment for North Carolina’s Libertarian candidates because they were not elected, several consider it a very good learning experience and preparation for future campaigns.

Dr. Mike Beitler, Libertarian candidate for U.S.… Read more ...

David Nolan: ‘U.S. Senate contests – explaining success’

David Nolan at Libertarian Party blog:

As Wes Benedict pointed out in a recent message, we had two U.S. Senate campaigns this year that were unusually successful, in terms of vote percentages. Rebecca Sink-Burris received 5.3% of the vote in Indiana, while yours truly got 4.7% in Arizona.

This is the first time in ten years that any Libertarian Senate candidate in a three-way race got more than 4.0%, and while 2010 was generally a good year for Libertarian candidates, these two results were still noteworthy.… Read more ...

David Nolan: Three-minute statement to Arizona voters

David Nolan at Libertarian Party blog:

FOX-11 in Tucson ran this three-minute statement on Sunday; they offered every candidate for a major office the opportunity to do this, but surprisingly few took advantage of it! The media in Arizona give Libertarians better coverage than in most states, partly because we’ve earned it!… Read more ...

Arizona: 4-way U.S. Senate candidates’ debate set for Sept. 26

Posted at Libertarian Party blog by David Nolan:

KTVK-3TV in Phoenix has scheduled a debate that will include all four of Arizona’s ballot-qualified U.S. Senate candidates: John McCain, Rodney Glassman, (Green -p) Jerry Joslyn and myself. It will run without commercial interruption from 6pm to 7pm on Sunday, Sept. 26. This is most likely the only debate that McCain will agree to participate in.… Read more ...

Libertarian David Nolan: ‘Arizona’s U.S. Senate Race Offers a Unique Opportunity’

David Nolan at Libertarian Party blog:

Perhaps more than any other contest this year, the battle for the seat currently held by John McCain offers an opportunity to contrast the ideas of liberty with the big-government philosophy that now dominates the GOP.

Arizona held its primary election on August 24, and the results are interesting, to say the least.Read more ...

David Nolan interview with Sedona Times

David Nolan at Libertarian Party blog:

Sedona, Arizona is an upscale resort town about 80 miles north of Phoenix. Yesterday a reporter from the Sedona Times interviewed me about my U.S. Senate race. All things considered, it turned out pretty well.

“I think, as certainly close to a majority of Americans realize now,” Nolan said, “that we have serious economic problems.… Read more ...