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Breitbart: The War on Libertarians and Independents


Found in Breitbart .
October 28, 2014
By Jason Scheurer

The U.S. electoral system is a farce. It is controlled with the same mastery with which Coke and Pepsi dominate the soda market. It is sold to the American public as if the free and open exchange of ideas is what’s inside, but the hidden ingredients are toxic to the body politic.… Read more ...

The Libertarian Party Takes Action on Behalf of Two States

David Patterson

The national Libertarian Party has taken action to help two states in issues regarding candidates for office. One concerned the exclusion of a candidate in a televised debate in the state of Kentucky, a situation which is familiar to Libertarians and and other third-party and independent candidates across the country.Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Kentucky Releases September 2013 Newsletter

LPKY banner

The link to the newsletter was posted on September 4th on the Libertarian Party of Kentucky Facebook page:

Welcome to hundreds of new people
Welcome to those of you who are new to this newsletter!
As a result of our outreach efforts in August, we have added hundreds of new contacts to our monthly mailing list.
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New York Green Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins criticizes Democrats Cuomo, Patterson

On The Wilder Side:

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party of New York State candidate for Governor, said today he opposed Governor Paterson’s proposal to raid more than $100 million from the Environmental Protection Fund under the guise of raising $6 million to keep state parks and historic sites open.

Hawkins noted:

When the state is rebating $16 billion annually to Wall Street speculators from the Stock Transfer Tax, it certainly doesn’t need to raid an already depleted fund for environmental capital projects in order to keep state parks open.

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Kristin Davis to Run for New York Governor as an Independent

Ballot Access News:

According to this story, Kristin Davis will announce her candidacy as an independent candidate for Governor of New York on March 1. Earlier, Davis had said she would seek the Libertarian Party nomination.

And posted at ManhattanMadam.com:

Andrew Miller
(636) 697-6858



Kristin Davis, known as the Manhattan Madam who supplied call girls for Eliot Spitzer when he was Attorney General and Governor, will announce her candidacy for Governor of New York State as an Independent Candidate at 11am on March 1, 2010 at the historic Roosevelt Hotel located at 45 East 45th Street at Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017- 2nd floor, Sutton Suite.… Read more ...