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Posts tagged as “deadline”

Arizona Green Party Wins Injunctive Relief on Both Issues, Residency of Circulators and More Time to Finish Petition

Ballot Access News:

On January 15, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton granted injunctive relief to the Arizona Green Party on two issues. The order permits the party to use out-of-state circulators for its petition to get itself on the ballot.… Read more ...

Constitution Party’s Case Against Pennsylvania Legislature’s Failure to Pass a Constitutional Deadline Could Get Opinion At Any Time

Ballot Access News:

The Third Circuit could issue an opinion in Baldwin v Cortes at any time. There will be no oral argument, and the three judges will rule strictly from having read the briefs. Here is the Constitution Party’s opening brief; here is the state’s brief; here is the Constitution Party’s reply brief.… Read more ...

Mississippi Court rules that Socialist candidate Brian Moore missed a deadline that was not on the books

Posted at Ballot Access News

On September 25, a U.S. District Court in Mississippi ruled against Brian Moore, in the lawsuit to place him on the ballot as the presidential nominee of the Natural Law Party. The issue was whether the state should have accepted his paperwork, which was submitted on the deadline [day] at 5:10 p.m.

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