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Interview With Declared 2016 Socialist Party USA Presidential Candidate Dean Capone

Dean Capone

(Dean Capone recently announced his intention to seek the Socialist Party USA’s presidential nomination and has launched a campaign website. Mr. Capone agreed to an interview recently.)

Q. Mr. Capone, could you start by sharing a little bit about yourself?

A. I’m 48, have been involved in civil affairs for quite some time.… Read more ...

Dean Capone: National Basic Income Guarantee

Dean Capone

(Dean Capone is a declared 2016 presidential candidate seeking the Socialist Party USA nomination. The following was posted on his campaign website.)

The National Basic Income Guarantee is not a new idea, and it’s not a radical idea. A form of the principles of the BIG was proposed during by Republican PresidentRichard Nixon in August 1969.… Read more ...

Dean Capone Announces Bid for Socialist Party USA Presidential Nomination

Dean Capone

(The following was posted by Dean Capone in a Democratic Socialist Facebook Group Page.)

I’ve just announced my intent to contest the nomination of the Socialist Party USA, and invite your feedback! http://www.deancapone.com

(The following was posted on his campaign website.)

An active member of the Socialist Party of the United States of America, and former Treasurer of the party’s Tampa Bay (Florida) local,Dean Capone has announced his intention to seek the Part”y’s nomination for President of the United States.… Read more ...