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Bauer Drops Bid for Lt. Governor, Setting Up Republican-Progressive Contest


(The following was originally published on Seven Days.)

Democratic activist John Bauer dropped his plans to run for lieutenant governor Thursday, setting up a one-on-one race between Republican Lt. Gov. Phil Scott and former Progressive legislator Dean Corren.

When he entered the race in March, Bauer hoped to become the first candidate in a decade to take advantage of the state’s public financing system, which would have provided his campaign up to $200,000.Read more ...

Progressive Dean Corren Would Bring Single Payer Mission to Lt. Gov’s Office


(The following was originally published on VPR.)

The legislative fight for single-payer in Vermont traces its roots back to the early 1990s, when a newly minted representative from Burlington introduced a bill to abolish the private insurance market and replace it with a universal, publicly financed health care system.

The representative’s named was Dean Corren, a Progressive Party stalwart who would go on to serve four terms in the Vermont Legislature.… Read more ...