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Gary Johnson: Gingrich Would Have Taken War on Drugs to a Lethal Level

Press release at GaryJohnson2012.com:

Former Speaker Proposed Death Penalty for Bringing 2 Ozs. Of Marijuana Into U.S.

January 23, 2012, New York, NY — Appearing on MSNBC Saturday, former New Mexico Governor and presidential candidate Gary Johnson reminded viewers that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich sponsored legislation (text below) in 1996 that would have imposed the death penalty for Americans caught bringing as little as 2 ounces of marijuana into the country.… Read more ...

Philadelphia Greens laud DA’s decision in stopping Mumia Abu-Jamal execution, but call for further action

From the Green Party of Philadelphia:

The City Committee of the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP, http://www.gpop.org) applauds Seth Williams’ decision on December 7 to end the District Attorney office’s long fight to impose the death sentence in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal. This is a huge victory for justice, the result of many years of hard work by many people committed to the cause of justice.… Read more ...

On the Execution of Troy Davis: A Personal Statement from C. T. Weber, State Chair of the Peace and Freedom Party


Tonight was a lonely one. I had just heard the United States Supreme Court could find no constitutional ground to stop the execution of Troy Davis when I got a call and was told that the ACLU was going to call a last minute vigil in front of the state Capitol in Sacramento, California.… Read more ...

Green Party members speak out to stop execution of Troy Davis in Georgia, urge abolition of the death penalty


For Immediate Release:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Scott McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-518-5624, cell 202-904-7614, mclarty@greens.org
Starlene Rankin, Media Coordinator, 916-995-3805, starlene@gp.org

Green Party Speakers Bureau: Green leaders available to speak on criminal justice and the death penalty:

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States today called for a halt to the impending execution of Troy Davis, scheduled for September 21 in Georgia, and cited the case an example of why the death penalty must be abolished.… Read more ...

Starchild: Proposed resolution of Libertarian support for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

Starchild comments on a previous press release by the Libertarian Party supporting Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks:

What paulie said — anti-TSA and pro-WikiLeaks! Both of these issues represent key tests of government power against civil liberties, one related to the First Amendment protections of freedom and speech and of the press, the other related to the Fourth Amendment protections from unreasonable search and seizure.… Read more ...

North Carolina Libertarians ‘Bloody But Unbowed’

Liberty Point:

Libertarian candidates consider election defeats a learning experience, prepare for the next election.

Although the results of the 2010 election were a disappointment for North Carolina’s Libertarian candidates because they were not elected, several consider it a very good learning experience and preparation for future campaigns.

Dr. Mike Beitler, Libertarian candidate for U.S.… Read more ...

St. Louis County Libertarians pass death penalty moratorium resolution

Posted at Kn@ppster:

At its monthly meeting last night, the St. Louis County (Missouri) Libertarian Central Committee resolved as follows in support of the Moratorium Now! Campaign:

Resolution for Moratorium on Executions while the Death Penalty is Studied

Whether our group supports capital punishment or not, we recognize that the death penalty system is fallible and that mistakes can happen.… Read more ...

Bob Barr: Constitutional question

by Bob Barr
as published in The Washington Times

Strange as it might seem, the Supreme Court of the United States has never directly and explicitly held that it is unconstitutional for a state to execute a person about whom substantial evidence of innocence has been presented.

However, in a rare exercise of the high court’s power to directly order a lower federal court to consider evidence of actual innocence concerning a man already found sentenced to death, at least three justices have declared a willingness to hold that “actual innocence” is constitutionally based.… Read more ...

Socialist Party SPUSA supports “Day of Action for Troy Davis”

Posted at the list-serve for Socialist Party USA, “SP National List”:

May 19th is a day of action for Troy Davis.  Find an event in your area here: [Amnesty International USA]

For more info on Troy’s case see here: [SPUSA newspaper]


Restrictions on Federal appeals have prevented Troy Anthony Davis from having a hearing in federal court on the reliability of the witness testimony used against him, despite the fact that most of the witnesses have since recanted, many alleging they were pressured or coerced by police.

Read more ...

Green National Committee considers death penalty

The Green National Committee is voting on a resolution opposing the death penalty. The proposal was sponsored by the California Green Party.

Resolution 382 would put the Green Party of the United States on record opposing the death penalty. While the Green Party of the United States is already on record opposing the death penalty (PDF, look for section 18, pg 36), recent actions by El Partido Verde Ecologista de México in support of a death penalty for that nation have inspired the GNC to consider this resolution.… Read more ...

Green Party of Mexico: Bring back the death penalty

From the Los Angeles Times blog:

You see some strong stuff on the streets of Mexico City. Women begging with babies in their arms, young kids, high on glue, washing car windshields and children no older than 5 trying to sell chewing gum and lollipops to people eating at sidewalk restaurant tables.

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Libertarian Mike Munger in historic WUNC-TV gubernatorial debate

RALEIGH (Sept. 26) — For the first time in modern North Carolina history, a gubernatorial debate included a third party candidate. Libertarian Mike Munger appeared last night with Republican Pat McCrory on WUNC-TV.

The third candidate in the race, Democrat Beverly Perdue, declined to participate.

Munger thanked both WUNC-TV and McCrory for making this event possible.… Read more ...