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Posts tagged as “Democratic Socialists of America”

LNC Calls for the Removal of Troops from Yemen

The Libertarian National Committee called on party activists today to lobby Congress in support of a bipartisan bill seeking to remove troops from the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

In a press release from this morning, the Libertarian National Committee denounced the “United States war machine” and called for an end to what they view as the “most brutal and horrifying war in recent history.”… Read more ...

Libertarian Party National Convention

The Libertarian Party National Convention happens a few days from now.  This thread is for factual comments on events, including liveblogging. Other comments will not pass through approval.

Similar threads will be created for the Green Party, Constitution Party, and Democratic Socialists of America, if we can find out when their national convention — however titled — is occurring.… Read more ...

New York Times reports on Communist Party USA, Socialist Party USA, and Democratic Socialist progress on- and offline

From The New York Times:

The Socialist Party U.S.A. does distribute red cards to members willing to “subscribe to the principles” of the party, but another leftist group, the Democratic Socialists of America, prefers online registration, with members using a virtual shopping cart to pay yearly dues of about $60 by credit card — Marx be damned.

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