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Dennis Mikolay: Socialists Find Fault with Obama Administration

Published on ivn.us on May 19, 2013. Dennis Mikolay is a Reform Party activist and writer/blogger based in New Jersey. 

n modern American politics, the word “socialist” has lost a great deal of its true meaning, robbed of its shock value by frequent overuse and naïve misapplication. Many a conservative pundit has warned President Obama and the national Democratic leadership seek to steer the United States towards a socialistic, or even worse, Marxist state, far from anything the Founders envisioned when they penned the Constitution.… Read more ...

Dennis Mikolay: Ken Block Hopes to Represent Centrists in Rhode Island

Published on ivn.us on May 23, 2013

By Dennis Mikolay

In a country as heavily partisan as the United States, it is very rare to find politicians whose allegiance lies outside the Democratic and Republican machines. Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, elected as an independent, represents one of the very few exceptions to this rule; that said, not all voters, or even third party advocates for that matter, are particularly enthused with their gubernatorial incumbent.… Read more ...

Dennis Mikolay: After Years of Infighting, an Attempt to Unify the Right

Posted with permission from the author. Dennis Mikolay is a political columnist, author and blogger who lives in New Jersey and is active in the Reform Party.

It has often been said that third parties appeal to niche audiences, segments of the electorate that are too small to provide a majority at the polls.… Read more ...

Dennis Mikolay: Terrible Lies: The War on Charter Schools!

Submitted to IPR by Dennis “DJ” Mikolay:

If there is one thing that can be said about New Jersey politicians, it is that honesty certainly isn’t their strong-point. Our lawmakers often circumvent the established legislative system to advance their agendas without having to play by the rules. A prime example of such back-handed tactics is the Democratic Party’s latest attack on “school choice,”  a misguided crusade that seeks to condemn lower income residents to chronically failing schools.… Read more ...

John Anderson, independent presidential candidate in 1980, comments on today’s politics

An interesting column from Dennis Mikolay (the full thing can be read here):

Anderson received six percent of the vote, and while he didn’t get to move into the White House, he did mobilize thousands of student activists and encouraged a disillusioned nation to vote its conscience.

Some thirty years later, the American political climate is even more divided than it was in 1980, and much to Anderson’s dismay, the two major parties have become even more polarized.

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