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Two members of California redistricting commission have past ties to minor parties

Posted by our very own Damon Eris (a.k.a. d.eris) at the California Independent Voter Network (read the full thing here, which has more of a focus on the influence of independents in general):

 All four members of the Citizens Redistricting Commission who are not members of the Democratic or Republican parties are decline-to-state voters, though at least two have had a prior affiliation with a third party. 

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Poli-Tea: How the Ruling Democratic-Republican Ballot Access Regime Produces the Spoiler Effect

At Poli-Tea, d.eris present an interesting thesis:  without certain ballot access laws, the so-called “spoiler effect” wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic as it is today.

The highly restrictive ballot access regime that has been constructed in virtually every state of the union is one of the primary means by which the Democratic and Republican Parties maintain their duopoly system of government.

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Working Families Party starts building Vermont chapter

H/T to d.eris on this one.  The Burlington Free Press reports that there might be yet another progressive third party in Vermont.  Read the full story here.

Brush said he didn’t expect the party to run candidates, at least not many in the next election. Rather the party would look over candidates from Vermont’s other parties for those who support positions important to the Working Families Party and offer endorsements and support.

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Poli-Tea raises the important question of low voter turnout and third parties

d.eris writes on Poli-Tea:

Arguably, one of the most important strategic questions for independent and third party activists is how to motivate non-voters in future elections. Voter turn-out was quite low, for instance, in the gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey, where 39% and roughly 45% (according to my calculations) of registered voters cast a ballot, respectively.

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Looking back at the campaign (so far) of a No New Tax Party candidate

The No New Tax Party is a new party local to Rotterdam and Schenectady Counties in New York State.  The party is running four candidates in elections on November 3.  One of them is Michael O’Connor, who also won the Republican primary on September 15 (New York allows candidates to run on more than one parties’ ballot line, a practice known as fusion). … Read more ...