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Iowa Freedom Report: Jake Porter Likely to Run for Des Moines City Council

Via Steve Hoodjer:

Iowa Freedom Report has learned today that 2010 Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State Jake Porter is leaning towards a run for Des Moines City Council. Porter was the highest finisher among Libertarian Party candidates in the last cycle and his 33,854 votes were the highest raw total for any statewide LP candidate since 2002.… Read more ...

Des Moines Register: ‘Libertarian dieter wants trim government’

From the Des Moines Register, by Kathie Obradovich:

Libertarian candidate for governor Eric Cooper pulled off a rare feat at a recent forum: He upstaged the major-party contenders. And not just because he announced he’s lost 144 pounds in eight months.

Cooper, of Ames, owned the audience at the Iowans for Tax Relief gubernatorial forum last Saturday.

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