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LP Bylaws and Rules Committee Issues 2012 Report

Report of the Bylaws and Rules Committee to the delegates of the Libertarian National Convention of 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada

Proposals Adopted 15 April 2011

Revised 19 August 2011

Modified for Style 05 September 2011

Dan Karlan*, Chair; MSc, ATMS, ALS, NoRC (e-mail: dankarlan@earthlink.net)
M Carling, PRP**
Marc Goddard*
Michael Johnston
Vicki Kirkland
Jonathan Morris
Chuck Moulton, PRP**
Rob Oates
Mark Rutherford
Aaron Starr*, Secretary
Alicia Mattson, PRP**, first alternate
* — Member, National Association of Parliamentarians
** — Professional Registered Parliamentarian

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