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Jim Burns’ plan to defeat Harry Reid

Email from Jim Burns:

Dear Paul,

I discovered the Libertarian Party (LP) in September of 1973.
By January of 1974, I was elected chairman of the LP of Nevada.
To build the party we had to invent and discover everything.
One thing we believed would build the party was to run a candidate:
That was not then legal.… Read more ...

Jim Burns: ‘Obama, Pelosi, Reid: Lucifer’s disciples?’

Email from Jim Burns to supporters. Burns is seeking the Libertarian Presidential nomination in 2012.

Dear Paul,

Obama, Pelosi, Reid:

Lucifer’s disciples?

Implementers of the Apocalypse?

The triad of Politics as usual on steroids?

A Motley Crew?

Same stuff, different day?

If you think that change in the LP is needed,

and the changes we need are to water down

what we stand for and find slicker spokespeople,

good luck.… Read more ...