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Posts tagged as “documentary”

WATCH: Half-Hour Documentary From The New Yorker Follows Andrew Yang’s Failed Mayoral Campaign

The New Yorker has released a half-hour documentary film on YouTube that follows the 2021 mayoral campaign of Andrew Yang. Running in the highly competitive Democratic primary, Yang surged to an early lead that would gradually erode.

The documentary notes that voters generally became less concerned about a coronavirus economic reopening and instead focused on a spike in the crime rate.… Read more ...

Cindy Sheehan releases trailer for documentary on Venezuala, ‘Revolution: A Love Story’

From an email to Cindy Sheehan’s supporters:

A funny thing happened while we have been working away at the documentary of our trip to Venezuela to interview President Hugo Chavez and to bring the truth about him and the Bolivarian Revolution to light–We were so inspired by what we witnessed and our research for the project–that we want our movie to arouse a similar Peaceful grassroots Revolution here to the US.

Read more ...

‘I Like Mike’: Direct Democracy Meets ‘Reality’ TV

Joe Mathews reports:

Former U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska), the leading proponent of a national initiative process, wrote recently to supporters about his new enterprise: a TV show called “I Like Mike” in which Gravel is president. From Gravel’s missive:

“Earlier this fall Eliot Fisher, a creative young writer from New Mexico,
asked if I was interested in doing a TV comedy series, a sharp satire on
the political establishment, via the fantasy of a Mike Gravel
presidential administration, a cross between the political drama of The
West Wing (in fact we will be using all of the West Wing sets) and the
melancholy comic realism of The Office (with an occasional hint of the
absurdity of Dr.… Read more ...