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Independent running for Congress in Ohio polling above 10%

Reposted from Swing State Project:

Grove Insight for DCCC (10/21, likely voters, 10/4-5):

Gary Peters (D): 46 (46)
Joe Knollenberg (R-inc): 36 (37)
Jack Kevorkian (I): 2 (n/a)
(MoE: ±4.9%)

Greenberg Quinlan Rosner for DCCC (10/19-20, likely voters, 9/30-10/1):

Mary Jo Kilroy (D): 44 (44)
Steve Stivers (R): 36 (36)
Don Eckhart (I): 11 (7)
(MoE: ±4.9%)

Two new polls from the DCCC show Democratic candidates in midwestern swing district races maintaining their sizable leads from last time.… Read more ...

Eckhart could be ‘wild card’ in Ohio U.S. House race

Ohio’s Columbus Dispatch reports on Don Elijah Eckhart‘s independent run in the state’s 15th U.S. House District, saying he “could be a wild card in a close race” in which he “has secured endorsements from two political-action committees that have clout with conservative voters: the Ohio Right to Life PAC and the Family First PAC.”… Read more ...

The top 10 of 2008: #10-6

I have spent the last couple of days compiling information on the top 10 independent or third-party candidates in the country in 2008. For obvious reasons, this list had to have very specific criterion, otherwise it would have been far too expansive and far too hard to rank.… Read more ...