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Exclusive interview with Constitution Party presidential candidate Don Grundmann

Originally published at the American Third Party Report on April 6th, 2016:

On April 2nd, I emailed Constitution Party presidential candidate Dr. Don Grundmann fifteen interview questions. Today, Dr. Grundmann, a longtime Constitution Party activist, emailed me back his responses. The Constitution Party presidential nominating convention will be held April 13th-16th, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah.Read more ...

Breaking: Dr. Don Grundmann to Announce Presidential Candidacy

Dr. Don Grundmann, chairman of the Constitution Party of California informs me he will seek the 2016 presidential nomination of the Constitution Party.  Grundmann, a 64 year old chiropractor from San Leandro, California has twice sought the White House and is currently running for U.S. Senate.

I stumbled upon the news after asking Grundmann about the use of the phrase “Upon my election to the Presidency” on his official Senate campaign website.  … Read more ...

William Saturn Reviews Don Grundmann’s CandleCrusade.org

William Saturn has been an IPR contributor since December 2011. He is also an accredited reporter for Wikinews. Saturn’s personal blog can be found here

Former State Chairman for the California Constitution Party, a 2008 and 2012 Constitution Party presidential candidate, and frequent IPR reader, Don Grundmann operates CandleCrusade.org.… Read more ...

William Saturn: The Last Stop for Free Speech?

William Saturn is a longtime IPR contributor and accredited reporter for Wikinews.

No visitor retains the right to post on IPR. The owner can manage the site as he pleases. But there is no reason IPR cannot attempt to replicate the free and fair society that its owner, contributors, and followers envision.… Read more ...

Email Exchange Between CCTUC Chairman Cody Quirk And Don Grundmann

Cody Quirk is the national chairman of the Clarion Call to Unite Committee (CCTUC) and is an officer in the Inedpendent American Party (IAP) of Nevada. Don Grundmann is the founder and former chairman of the Constitution Party of California.

Here it is. These emails have already been forwarded to the authorities, so I’m making them public.… Read more ...

Don Grundmann Writes Letter To CP Members and Leaders About CCTUC

Subject: a letter from Don Grundmann, Founder, California Constitution Party

Tuesday 4-30-13
Re : The ” Clarion Call to Unite Committee ” ( CCTUC )
Dear State Chairmen and all Constitution Party supporters and members -I write this hopefully short letter to you with the knowledge that you, as I, have a tremendously busy schedule but I feel that the issue which I shall discuss needs to be brought to your attention and consideration relevant to both current and, especially, future developments within the party.As important background information on which to frame my following comments, for those of you who are not fully acquainted with events regarding the former Constitution Party California affiliate, the American Independent Party, I have previously written a description of the attack upon the AIP which may be found at TheCorruptionOfAlanKeyes.
Read more ...

Constitution Party National Chairman Confirms: Don Grundmann is No Longer Chairman of California CP

Frank Fluckiger is the National Chairman of the Constitution Party – KL. 

From: Frank Fluckiger
Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2013 7:23 AM
To: Janine and others
Subject: RE: Don Grundmann is causing serious problems for our party


The most effective thing that both you and Cody could do I feel is to write
a short note to IPR and remind Don that he is not the chairman of the party
in California, but that Nathan Johnson was elected the new chairman at the
March (actually it was January 19th, Mr.Read more ...

Don Grundmann: ‘American Independent Party debate challenge issued’

Emailed by Don Grundmann to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Mr. Noonan – With this letter I issue an official debate challenge to you regarding the upcoming primary election for United States Senate candidate of the American Independent Party. Said debate will be filmed and recorded for placement upon YouTube and all other possible outlets so that American Independent Party voters throughout the state may see the debate at their convienience.… Read more ...

American Independent Party’s Grundmann assails Keyes

American Independent Party of California activist Don J. Grundmann has published an essay entitled “The Corruption of Alan Keyes: A Timeless Tale Brought to Our Times” online. The piece, which runs nearly 10,000 words, details Grundmann’s encounters with Keyes and his supporters during Keyes’s run for the 2008 Constitution Party presidential nomination.… Read more ...

American Independent Party convention, and national affilliation

It was previously reported that the American Independent Party of California was attempting to disafilliate from the Constitution Party and ally with Alan Keyes‘ fledgling America’s Independent Party. This disafiliation atempt was being led by Edward Noonan and 3 other state central committeemembers. Noonan argued that they were the only legitimate members of the state central committee and therefor the only people who could make the decision on affilliation with a national entity and on presidential nominations.… Read more ...