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Report on the 2013 Constitution Party National Committee meeting in Denver

National Committee member from Illinois, Done Stone, speaking. Stone is a religious fundamentalist who supports Christian totalitarianism.

Posted on September 30, 2013 on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page


The National Executive Committee and the National Committee of the Constitution Party held their Fall 2013 meetings in Denver, Colorado, hosted by the American Constitution Party, the Colorado affiliate of the national party.… Read more ...

Constitution Party Chairman Frank Fluckiger: “Forcing people to be moral has never worked nor will it ever”

The following is part of an email written by Constitution Party National Chairman Frank Fluckiger in response to Joshua Fauver about several Facebook posts and conversations involving Illinois Constitution Party activist Don Stone, a friend of CP National Vice-Chairman Randy Stufflebeam who was going to serve as the latter’s campaign manager had Stufflebeam run for the U.S.Read more ...

What Is Going On With the Constitution Party of Illinois?

The following was published on the Independent American & Constitutional Review (IA&CR) on June 9, 2013. Joshua Fauver is a former Constitution Party activist who is currently a registered Republican. He is involved in the Robby Wells 2016 independent presidential campaign and is the volunteer coordinator for Free and Equal Elections Foundation.Read more ...