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Colorado’s Constitution Party Complains About Americans Elect

In Colorado the Constitution Party’s affiliate is called the American Constitution Party. The chairman of the party, Doug Campbell, recently complained to the state about Americans Elect due to the fact that they both have “American” at the beginning of the party’s name.

The party filed a complaint against the secretary of state’s office, saying the name of a new political party known as Americans Elect is too similar to its own — a situation that “would create unnecessary confusion at the ballot box.”

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Colorado Constitution Party Prepares for Major-Party Status Following Tancredo’s Run for Governor


From Denver Westword:

By inching over 10 percent of the vote last Tuesday, Dan Maes saved the Colorado Republican Party from the humiliation of falling to minor-party status. But while Tom Tancredo didn’t win the race, his 30 percent-plus of the vote elevated the American Constitution Party to a major Colorado party.

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Tancredo Names New Running Mate

From the Denver Business Journal:

Tom Tancredo has named a new running mate in his third-party bid for Colorado governor: former state legislator Pat Miller…

The American Constitution Party had previously named Doug Campbell to run as its lieutenant governor candidate before Tancredo stepped in as its gubernatorial standard bearer….

The Erie resident served a single term as a Republican in the Colorado House of Representatives in the early 1990s.

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Tancredo To Name New Running Mate

From the Associated Press via Grand Junction Sentinel:

Tancredo says that was part of the deal when he switched from the Republican Party to run as the American Constitution Party candidate.

His current running mate is Doug Campbell, who was chosen by former candidate Benjamin Goss before Tancredo was chosen to fill the position by a vacancy committee.

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