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Boston Tea Party endorses Joe Kennedy for US Senate

Boston Tea Party National Committee has, by a vote of 4-0 with two members not voting, endorsed Joe Kennedy for US Senate. Joe Kennedy is running as an independent in the special election to fill the seat vacated by the late Edward Kennedy from Massachusetts (he is not related to the late Senator).… Read more ...

Douglass Gaking is new national chair of the Boston Tea Party


The Boston Tea Party has a new national chair, Douglass Gaking. Congratulations to Doug. In a short time, another election to fill the vacancy on the national committee (the vice chair is now chair, so the vice chair seat is empty) is anticipated.

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Boston Tea Party adopts Campaign for Liberty four point program, elects new officers

The Boston Tea Party is having its convention, as IPR previously reported. In the interest of disclosure, two of the at-large candidates (Tom Knapp and Neil Stephenson) also write for IPR.

Here is a press release from party founder Tom Knapp sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com on behalf of the party:

Midway into its second biennial convention — held entirely online — America’s new libertarian political party has chosen a new slate of national officers, adopted the program of “the Ron Paul R3VOLution,” and partially completed work on amendments to its bylaws.

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Boston Tea Party passes 500 members; will hold online convention Friday, October 24

BTP News reports

20 October 2009 We have 504 members! Please invite your friends. The convention is less than a week away!

19 October 2008 We have 493 members! Invite your friends, please. If someone you know is planning to attend our convention next weekend, they have to join here, first.

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