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Half Million Votes for Green Senate Candidates

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch

The eleven Green Party candidates on the ballot this year for US Senate netted a combined half million votes. The 510,000 votes is the highest combined total for Green Party Senate candidates since 2000, when Medea Benjamin won 326,000 votes for US Senate in California and Vance Hansen picked up over 100,000 in Arizona.… Read more ...

Green candidates support marijuana legalization

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

In a year that has seen the biggest upsurge of activism against marijuana prohibition in American history, Green Party candidates across the country are leading the fight for marijuana legalization while Democrats and Republicans defend the failed, destructive “war on drugs” prohibition regime.

The eyes of Americans who oppose prohibition are on California’s Proposition 19, the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010.… Read more ...

Green Party U.S. Senate Candidate Urges Nationwide Adoption of a Single-Payer “Medicare-for-all” Health Care System

ANAHEIM, Calif – Duane Roberts, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, urges nationwide adoption of a “single-payer ‘Medicare-for-all’ health care system”, arguing it will save $4 trillion over the next decade and ensure that everybody receives health care. Roberts says “Obamacare” is a “$500 billion taxpayer bailout of the private health insurance industry”:

“As one of 46 million people in this country who doesn’t have any health insurance, I strongly urge that the United States consider adopting a single-payer ‘Medicare-for-all’ health care system.… Read more ...

California Alternative Parties: poll, debate, school mock elections

Ballot Access News:

Field Poll Shows California Gubernatorial “Other” Candidates at 5%

On October 28, the Field Poll released a gubernatorial poll for California. The poll did not mention all 6 candidates on the ballot. It merely asked respondents if they favor the Democratic nominee, the Republican nominee, or a minor party nominee.

Read more ...

Green Party U.S. Senate Candidate Calls for Ending All U.S. Military and Economic Aid to Israel

ANAHEIM, Calif — Duane Roberts, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, calls for “ending all U.S. military and economic aid to Israel” arguing that it is “morally wrong for taxpayers to continue financing this nation’s acts of state-sponsored terrorism against the Palestinian people”. Roberts points out “most Israeli leaders” would be “tried as war criminals” in a “just world”:

“I call for ending all U.S.… Read more ...

LA Weekly blog: Is 5 minutes really so much to ask?

From the LA Weekly blog:

Green Party U.S. Senate Candidate Duane Roberts lashed out at public radio station

Shut up, important people are speaking

KPCC 89.3 FM this morning for barring Roberts from debating Carly Fiorina and Barbara Boxer — yet another incident in which Los Angeles and California media systematically shunned the environmentally-oriented party.

Read more ...

Boxer, Fiorina challenged by Green candidate Duane Roberts to back repeal of marijuana laws in California race for US Senate


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For Immediate Release

September 9, 2010

Contact: info@voteforduane.org

Boxer, Fiorina challenged; independent Green candidate Duane Roberts calls for repeal of federal laws criminalizing marijuana, OK of Prop 19

ANAHEIM, Ca — Senator Barbara and GOP candidate Carly Fiorina were challenged today by independent Green candidate Duane Roberts to call for repealing all federal laws prohibiting marijuana from being used for “medicinal, recreational and industrial purposes,” as Robert has done.… Read more ...

California: Green Party U.S. Senate Candidate Calls for the Repeal of Federal Laws Criminalizing Marijuana

ANAHEIM, Calif – Duane Roberts, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, calls for repealing federal laws prohibiting marijuana from being used for “medicinal, recreational and industrial purposes.” Roberts urges passage of Prop 19 saying it will send a message to the political establishment:

“As I officially kick off my campaign for the U.S.… Read more ...

Polling Shows Little Support for Minor Party Nominees in CA

The Public Policy Institute of California will be co-sponsoring a future gubernatorial debate, and has a stated policy of only inviting candidates who demonstrate at least 10% support in a neutral poll to such an event. In order to provide for this, earlier this month the group polled the gubernatorial and senate races and included all nominees on the ballot.… Read more ...