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Posts tagged as “e-verify”

Bob Barr takes on US Postal Service, E-Verify and the execution of Troy Davis

E-Verify has morphed into a monster
by Bob Barr
as published on The Daily Caller

In this column last week, I raised the alarm about the “E-Verify” program proposed to be implemented as part of the Legal Workforce Act (HR 2164) under consideration to be fast-tracked by House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-TX).… Read more ...

Mississippi Libertarians: E-Verify Should Be Abolished

From the Website of the Mississippi LP:

Remember the good ol’ days when businesses could conduct their business the best way they saw fit. Remember back when job openings were the property of the job creators? Yeah, those were the good ol’ days when private property rights were a little more respected by the government and the neighborhood busy-bodies.… Read more ...