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Green EcoAction committee

In a reply to an earlier post at Green Party Watch, contributor Mato Ska commented that the Eco Action committee was undertaking the task of writing a policy proposal on energy.

The Green National Committee is currently discussing Proposal 380. This proposal from the EcoActionCommittee addresses an issue closely identified with Ska, protecting water.… Read more ...

Green Party EcoAction Committee passes water resolution

Posted by Mato Ska at Green Party Watch. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

Presenter: EcoAction Committee

Contact: Martin Zehr, 415-337-5773, m_zehr@hotmail.com

Subject: Protecting water is a priority for the Green Party
at the national, state and local levels.

Background and Purpose: Water is the source of life. El agua es vida.Read more ...

California Greening: Green water policy; peak water?; What will we eat when California Agriculture disappears?

A series of posts at California Greening highlight the water crisis, especially in California. Posted to IPR by Paulie. H/T Green Party Watch

Green Water Policy

The EcoAction Committee, Green Party US, has presented to the National Committee a new resolution on water policy and associated Green Party actions. The full text of this resolution is available as a .pdf

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Wes Rolley, Green Party US EcoAction Committee CoChair on Robert Byrd and subsidizing US exports for dirty coal plants in China

David Roberts writes at Gristmill blog

Lee Buchsbaum writes that U.S. coal producers increasingly find it more profitable to export their product:

With the falling dollar, selling to Asia, Europe or South America is giving coal producers a higher return than selling into the United States. “If I were running a coal company and I looked at what’s happening on Capitol Hill and the states, I’d be very inclined to send my marketing team overseas,” said Michael Morris, AEP chairman, president and CEO.

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Green Party proposes hour of darkness

Posted at Dee’s ‘Dotes

I serve as secretary of the Eco-Action Committee, an official committee of the Green Party of the United States.
See the Eco-Action Committee News Ticker here.

I found this post today about an action item the Eco-Action Committee has put forth for the third Thursday of each month – Dark Earth Hour:

December 18, 2008

Naperville Sun

This holiday season, the Eco-Action Committee of the Green Party of the United States is asking Americans to observe a Dark Earth Hour from 9 to 10 p.m.

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Green Party EcoAction Committee: First 100 days

Mato Ska is an active member of the EcoAction Committee of the Green Party. He sent me the committee’s proposal for the first 100 days of a Green Presidency.

First 100 Days Energy and Environmental Policy
The Green Party Platform:
Ecological and Energy Sustainability.

The human community is an element of the Earth community, not the other way around.… Read more ...