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Brian Moore Slams Rick Scott’s Economic Plan

Darcy Richardson at Uncovered Politics:

Stumping for independent aspirant Farid Khavari in Florida’s gubernatorial campaign, Brian P. Moore, a former Democratic candidate for governor, spared few adjectives in criticizing Republican Rick Scott’s plan to create a meager 700,000 jobs in the Sunshine State over the next seven years.

Describing Scott’s jobs program as “unachievable, insufficient and wrong-headed,” the 67-year-old Moore said that Scott’s much-touted “7-7-7 Plan” would do little to ease recession-ravaged Florida’s jobless crisis and even less to alleviate the state’s looming fiscal crisis.

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Rich Whitney outlines Green economic plan for Illinois

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Rich Whitney, the Illinois Green Party’s 2010 candidate for governor who earned over 10% of the vote in 2006, has released a detailed working paper with the title “How we can solve the budget crisis in Illinois and build a full employment economy with good jobs for all who need them”.… Read more ...