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Darrell Castle supporters Caleb Waters and Clint Bishop respond to “Never Trump” activist’s attack against Castle


Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley, the Constitution Party’s presidential ticket, has been gathering significant support from Ted Cruz supporters, but also a few attacks

Several supporters of Constitution Party presidential nominee Darrell Castle responded critically to “Never Trump” activist Michael Harrington’s scathing critique of Castle; one such supporter, Caleb Waters, published his response the same day Harrington released his attack on Castle, on July 26th, 2016 ( go to link format of thesis report https://eagfwc.org/men/cialis-60-mg-forum/100/ uwindsor creative writing portfolios arguments for and against abortion essay http://www.nationalnewstoday.com/medical/viagra-nz/2/ https://iffor.org/dissertation-keywords-3257/ professional dietitian resume resume skills for high school students https://greenechamber.org/blog/credentials-on-resume/74/ http://laclawrann.org/programs/fast-delivery-viagrabest-online-price/17/ viagra commercial canada enter http://jeromechamber.com/event/statistics-thesis-ideas/23/ source site https://www.go-gba.org/25000-essay-about-aids/ finance homework help free problem solving self help who is best essay writing service source link viagra aumenta a testosterona thesis statement on job satisfaction here help me write my college essay viva viagra lyrics https://www.nationalautismcenter.org/letter/writing-paper-printables/26/ 11 minute essay https://eagfwc.org/men/viagra-benicar/100/ writing custom formulas in excel https://geneseelandlordassoc.org/category/animal-abuse-essay/44/ viagra generic date wikipedia thesis book architecture republished today at American Third Party Report):

CWaters Rebuttal to Harrington

By Caleb Waters

Recently, the popular “conservative” Michael Harrington promised to “destroy” the most conservative presidential candidate in the race, Darrell Castle.… Read more ...

Darrell Castle on the Destruction of Economic Dependence in America


August 14, 2013 – Darrell Castle talks about the destruction of economic independence in America. Castle was the Constitution Party’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate and is considering seeking the CP’s nomination for president in 2016.


Listen to more Castle Report podcasts on Sound Cloud or choose from the complete collection at www.castlereport.usRead more ...

Green Shadow Cabinet: The Stop-Go U.S. economy

August 14, 2013

Jack Rasmus, Federal Reserve Chair

For the past several years, the U.S. press, pundits, and apologists for both liberal and conservative politicians in the U.S. have jumped at every slight indication of this or that monthly economic indicator showing improvement. The hype that followed typically declared the ‘recovery was now solidly underway’.… Read more ...

Darrell Castle: The Government Corrupts Its Own Numbers


August 12, 2013 Darrell Castle talks about the government manipulating its economic statistics to make a recovery appear to be continuing. Castle was the Constitution Party’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate.


Listen to more Castle Report podcasts on Sound Cloud or choose from the complete collection at www.castlereport.usRead more ...

Green Shadow Cabinet: Predicting the U.S. and global economy

The following was published on the Green Shadow Cabinet website.

July 11, 2013
Jack Rasmus, Chairman of the Federal Reserve

Both the U.S. and global economy are at a critical juncture. Six years after the financial crisis that erupted in August 2007 and the collapse of the real economy that followed—except for asset prices (stocks, bonds, derivatives, etc.)

Read more ...

Root: Krugman Wrong on Capital Gains

Paul Krugman Is Wrong About Capital Gains Taxes
by Wayne Allyn Root – Capitalist Evangelist


Paul Krugman is a liberal. He’s also untruthful on the topic of capital gain taxes. Like President Barack Obama and most liberal Democratic politicians, Krugman’s contortions about capital gains taxes are so pathetic you’d think he owned stock in Pinnochio Inc.… Read more ...

ROOT: Why Obama’s ‘New Math’ is a Jobs Killer


President Obama’s math skills leave something to be desired. As a matter of fact, based on Mr. Obama’s recent interview on “60 Minutes,” the president deserves a grade of F in math. When confronted by the reporter with the reality that his economic stimulus package failed, he decided to lie to the American people.… Read more ...

ROOT: Supercommittee sellout?

Timid GOP members may cave to avoid across-the-board cuts

By Wayne Allyn Root – The Washington Times

The congressional supercommittee tasked with cutting the debt is almost out of time. Good. Run out the clock. If its members do not come to an agreement, we’ll be forced to accept automatic across-the-board cuts to spending – including defense spending.… Read more ...

Root: Jon Corzine Scandal Exposes Liberal Ponzi Scheme

By Wayne Allyn Root

Newsmax.com Feature Article
We’re all in trouble when the joke is on our most connected politicians. Jon Corzine is the former CEO of Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs. Even God shudders when the CEO of Goldman walks in the room (or so Goldman executives think). Corzine left Goldman with a half billion-dollar fortune and became a United States Senator.… Read more ...

ROOT: George Costanza for President

George Costanza for President
Seinfeld shows the way to save the U.S. economy

Remember “Seinfeld”? It was one of the most successful TV series in the history of American television. The show revolved around Jerry Seinfeld and his buddy George Costanza. George was the ultimate loser. Everything he did was a colossal failure.… Read more ...

Communist Party USA heralds Occupy Wall Street movement

Via CPUSA.org:

We greet the Occupy Wall St. movement as it spreads throughout our country from large cities to small towns, led by youth and joined by people of all ages and backgrounds, giving voice to deep anger at extreme economic inequality.

The unemployed, those who have lost their homes, who cannot afford education or healthcare, are joining together as the 99 percent, saying “enough is enough” to the enormous greed and arrogance of financial institutions.… Read more ...

ROOT: Raising Cain

ROOT: Raising Cain

9-9-9 was good ante. Let’s try 0-15-0.

The Washington Times

Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian vice-presidential nominee and author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold, Gambling & Tax Cuts” (Wiley, 2009). He writes at RootforAmerica.com.

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