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Daryl W. Perry: A Pardon for Edward Snowden


For the second consecutive year, Edward Snowden appeared at South by South West in Austin, Texas, and once again, he was not able to attend in person. Snowden, again, appeared via internet stream, this time to a select group of people from the technology and policy world. The Verge reports, “Sunday Yokubaitis, president of online privacy company Golden Frog, described as a ‘call to arms’ for tech companies to foil spying with better privacy tools.”

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Snowden at SXSW Film Festival, Second Year in a Row

Edward Snowden

Three days after a surprise semi-private Q&A session at this year’s SXSW film and arts festival (his second consecutive annual appearance at SXSW), whistleblower Edward Snowden gave a public talk at the CeBIT German Information Technology conference. In each case he appeared by video from Russia (or so it  was claimed).… Read more ...

Two Current Movies Regarding Topics Discussed by IPR Readers Available for Free Online

Edward SnowdenI am breaking IPR’s tradition of only posting articles having to do with alternate parties or Independents with this article, but I think the information is important enough that I’ll do it this one time. We have talked for months about the degree of spying done by our government on citizens of this country, much of the information being revealed due to whistleblower Edward Snowden and the reporter who wrote about them, Glenn Greenwald.… Read more ...

LP.org: Rally to protest mass surveillance in D.C. Saturday, Oct. 26, will feature Gov. Gary Johnson

Posted on October 3, 2013

Stop Watching UsThe heroic revelations made by whistleblower Edward Snowden have let the world know: The NSA is watching you and has undermined the fabric of the Internet. Its overreaching surveillance creates a climate of fear, chills free speech, and violates our basic human rights — your Fourth Amendment right to privacy.

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Darrell Castle: Secret Courts, Secret Laws and Egypt on the Brink of War?


August 20th, 2013 – Darrell Castle talks about the FISA Court and its bulk warrants in violation of the United States Constitution’s Fourth Amendment. Castle was the Constitution Party’s 2008 vice-presidential nominee and is expected to seek the party’s presidential nomination in 2016.


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Green Shadow Cabinet: What Snowden taught us about American freedom

July 12, 2013

Ben Manski, Chief of Staff, Green Shadow Cabinet of the U.S.

Earlier this month, as Americans celebrated our Independence Day holiday, the true scope of American independence became visible. The revelations of Edward Snowden, and the elite reaction to those revelations show that Americans are not a truly free and independent people, our major media are not free or independent, and neither are the supposedly sovereign nations of Europe free or independent states.

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Darryl W. Perry: Edward Snowden Accepts “All Offers of Support”

Darryl W. Perry is a writer whose articles are published in several publications, including the monthly newspaper The Sovereign.  He is a co-host on a radio show on Liberty Radio Network. He is the owner and managing editor of Free Press Publications (FPP.cc). Perry is a co-founder and co-chairman of the New Hampshire Liberty Party, a party created in September 2012 to promote secession of the state from the federal government and individual liberty.Read more ...

Snowden should be rewarded as a hero, say LP poll respondents

Found on the Libertarian Party’s website at lp.org
posted by Staff on Jul 5, 2013

When National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the criminal ways in which the U.S. government is violating the privacy rights of Americans, Big Government Democrats and Republicans immediately began to demonize him and canceled his passport while they strongarmed other countries into denying him asylum.… Read more ...

Socialist Equality Party: U.S. Threatens Russia, China In Its Pursuit of Snowden

Published on the Socialist Equality Party website:

From World Socialist Web Site – June 26, 2013

The Obama administration’s diplomatic bullying against Russia, China, Hong Kong and Ecuador in its efforts to seize NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is exposing to the world the lawlessness of US imperialism.

The White House is insisting that Snowden be handed over to face espionage charges in the US.

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George Phillies: Who is the enemy?

By George Phillies

Published June 24, 2013 on LibertyForAll.net

We have bipartisan agreement. 

Vice President Dick Cheney: Snowden is a “traitor”.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calf.): “I think it’s an act of treason.” …

Republican Speaker of the House Boehner: Snowden is a “traitor”

Democratic Senator Bill Nelson on Snowden:  an “act of treason.”… Read more ...

Darrell Castle: Where is Edward Snowden?

Darrell Castle talks about the flight of Edward Snowden, the U.S. reaction and the world’s reaction. Castle was the Constitution Party’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate and is also a former three-time National Vice-Chairman. Castle is considering seeking the CP’s presidential nomination in 2016.

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Michael Badnarik: Edward Snowden is a Hero

Michael Badnarik was the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate in 2004. He received 397,265 votes, or 0.32% of the vote. 

Hero: Edward Snowden

Published June 17, 2013


I would like to go on record thanking Edward Snowden for his act of courage on behalf of all freedom loving Americans. I am not the least bit surprised that our government has plans to extradite him from wherever they can catch him, and then drag him through a ridiculous kangaroo court before slamming him in prison.

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