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Posts tagged as “Edward Snowden”

Possible Interesting Events at the LP NatCon

Readers interested in Libertarian politics may find of interest the forthcoming Libertarian National Convention. You may safely assume that there will be multiple credentials fights since for starters there are competing delegations from Massachusetts and from Delaware.

Early on there will be two breakfast speakers covered by the same breakfast ticket in two different rooms.… Read more ...

Snowden at SXSW Film Festival, Second Year in a Row

Edward Snowden

Three days after a surprise semi-private Q&A session at this year’s SXSW film and arts festival (his second consecutive annual appearance at SXSW), whistleblower Edward Snowden gave a public talk at the CeBIT German Information Technology conference. In each case he appeared by video from Russia (or so it  was claimed).… Read more ...

Two Current Movies Regarding Topics Discussed by IPR Readers Available for Free Online

Edward SnowdenI am breaking IPR’s tradition of only posting articles having to do with alternate parties or Independents with this article, but I think the information is important enough that I’ll do it this one time. We have talked for months about the degree of spying done by our government on citizens of this country, much of the information being revealed due to whistleblower Edward Snowden and the reporter who wrote about them, Glenn Greenwald.… Read more ...