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WATCH: Green Party Officeholders Panel

The Green Party held a live webinar on Tuesday, January 25 to help recruit and inspire potential Green candidates for future elections.

It included discussions with current Green city councilwoman Anna Trevorrow from Portland, ME, and Green mayor Peter Schwartzman of Galesburg, IL.

Moderating the panel is Dave Ochmanowicz Jr., a former school board member from Quakertown, PA.… Read more ...

Constitution Party List of Elected Officials

This news article is about the Constitution Party’s election chances this year, but the most interesting aspect of it is the list of elected officials at the bottom.


Pam Goode – Deltana Community Corporation Board

Delta Junction, Alaska

David Luntz – Deltana Community Corporation Board

Delta Junction, Alaska


Phil Collins – Libertyville Township Trustee

Lake County, Illinois


Rich Ryskamp – Board of Directors, Grand Rapids Community College

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Mary Starrett – Yamhill County Commissioner

Yamhill County, Oregon


Bob Goodrich – Osceola Township Supervisor

Osceola, Pennsylvania

James N.

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Libertarian Party 2011 Election Results

A week ago, the Libertarian Party posted a table over at their website citing what is the most comprehensive election results list one could find anywhere. The list includes everything from runs for Mayor of a large city to Selectman of a small town.

Make sure to read the table at the bottom of the page in order to better understand the results of the table.… Read more ...

Vermont Progressive Party legislative assignments

From the Progressive Party’s blog:

The House and Senate convened and organized this week, and Progressives fared well in committee assignments.

The returning house members all remained on the same committees from last session.Sarah Edwards returns to Natural Resources and Energy, the House committee which deals with Vermont Yankee. 

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Constitution, Green and Libertarian Party National Offices Release More Names of Party Members Elected to Office Last Week

Ballot Access News:

The Green Party national office has released a list of party members who were elected or re-elected last week. As noted at this site earlier, Ben Chipman was elected to the Maine legislature [p: as an independent], and the party won three important elections in California: in Richmond; Mendocino County; and Hollister.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party elected officials

Sent by Scott Lieberman to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Wes Benedict and Art DiBianca have worked hard over the past few months on this project, and they just posted a list of Elected Libertarians on the LP web site.


Mr. Benedict told me to publicize the list so he can get some feedback on how people like it, and/or any changes they would like to see.… Read more ...