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US News & World Reports blogger says that Murkowski’s win shows voters are ready for a “third way”

(excerpt from) U.S. News & World Reports blog
Murkowski’s Win Gives Hope for Third Party Solution
by Susan Milligan / November 19, 2010

…Winning an election as a major party nominee is surely satisfying; capturing the seat because tens of thousands of people made the effort to write in one’s name [as Senator Lisa Murkowski did] is exhilarating.

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Wayne Root updates his election predictions, expects bigger gains for Republicans than he did before

Email from Wayne Root to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Obama Unhinged: Leftist Anger, Bitterness and Mental Breakdown Leads to Historic Landslide Defeat.

Las Vegas Oddsmaker Now Sees 60 to 70 Seat GOP Victory and Major Independent Gains too.

By Wayne Allyn Root, Best-Selling Author and 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

Think Reagan vs. Carter in 1980.… Read more ...

Your election predictions?

A general question for all our readers: what results do you predict in this Tuesday’s elections? Your replies can cover any state, all alternative party and independent candidates, ballot propositions, and, since Wayne Root opened the door, feel free to prognosticate the Democrats’ and Republicans’ chances as well.

Have at ’em in the comments, but remember: anything you say can be used in a future IPR post.… Read more ...

David McReynolds: How you can win in the Tuesday election!


an occasional column by David McReynolds

Winning on Tuesday

One is tempted to blame the tardiness of these comments on the matter of age, having just turned 81. But let’s not use false excuses – it was a combination of a trip to California combined with a computer which had to be taken in for servicing (thanks to Carmen Trotta and Bruce Cronin for their help), which delayed writing this important election eve piece.… Read more ...

Florida: Khavari Campaign “Launches Radio War on (Economic) Terror”

Farid Khavari, independent candidate for governor of Florida, began airing his campaign’s first radio ads today:

The campaign issued a press release to accompany the ad, as follows:


“Rick Scott’s company stole over a billion dollars from taxpayers,” a female voice says from the speaker of a radio somewhere in Florida, “and Alex Sink ran our state pension system into the ground.

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LFA PAC launches Granite State fundraiser

Liberty For America, a political action committee dedicated to supporting Libertarian Party candidates, is focusing its last-minute efforts on ballot access and major party status for the LP in New Hampshire.

From a fundraising letter sent to targeted lists of Libertarian Party supporters:

In 2012, do you want a LIBERTARIAN Presidential Primary, with national coverage held in New Hampshire?

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In New York: Working Families Party makes interesting endorsement

(excerpt from) Long Island Press
Cuomo Accepts Working Families Party Endoresment

By Associated Press on September 12th, 2010

Democrat Andrew Cuomo is accepting the endorsement of the left-leaning Working Families Party in his run to be New York’s next governor…

The party in a written statement is backing Cuomo’s platform in which he promises to cut state spending and confront special interests including those backing the Working Families Party…

Note from KW: In New York State, there are three “classes” of parties: The major parties – The Democrats and Republicans – who are automatic ballot status, and split control of the Board of Elections; Automatic Ballot status parties (such as Working Families Party) who earn and retain each four years the right to run candidates more easily; and “independent political parties”, such as The Libertarian Party in New York, who have some history and rights as a party, but do not have automatic ballot status (unless and until they earn it at the next Governor’s race by getting 50,000 votes).… Read more ...

Jim Libertarian Burns: ‘Do you want Senator Harry Reid defeated?’

Email from Jim Burns, a Libertarian for President 2012:

Dear Paul,

Do you want Senator Harry Reid defeated?

You can take action that will increase the
chances that Reid will not be re-elected.

No matter how much money Sharron Angle
spends there are some votes that she will not
receive. However, if someone else who is on
the ballot makes a different appeal, they may
receive votes that otherwise would have gone
to Reid: especially, if the appeal is directed at
people who are not conservative.… Read more ...

Chuck Baldwin: ‘We Need A Revolution, Not A Movement’

By Chuck Baldwin, 2008 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate:

The elections of 2008 (and the early elections of 2010) produced two significant phenomena: the “Ron Paul Revolution,” and the “Tea Party Movement.” And, mark it down: both of them will have profound effects upon the upcoming November elections–and upon the 2012 elections as well.… Read more ...

Speculation about Green Party Governor candidates for NY 2010

This information was posted in the comment section of onthewilderside.com, by my co-blogger there, Ian Wilder, who is a Green Party member:

The Convention is May 15th, so there is no decision yet about who is running.

Sander Hicks, Jeff Peress, and Bob Gumbs have announced their intentions to seek the Senate nominations.

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