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MAPPED: Which Green Reigns Supreme?

Our favorite Twitter mapmaker Nick (@Mill226) has been graciously allowing us to republish some of his maps here on IPR. If you find these kinds of visualizations interesting, you should definitely follow him on Twitter.

As a special commission for IPR, we’ve asked Nick to do a set of maps comparing the Green Party’s showings in presidential elections from 1996 to 2020.… Read more ...

MAPPED: Libertarians vs. Greens (1996-2020)

IPR’s favorite map maker Nick (@Mill226) has created an interesting match-up that combines the vote total for Libertarian presidential campaigns and the combined Green/Nader vote from 1996-2020 U.S. presidential elections. During this time period the Libertarians polled approximately 9.4 million votes to around 7.4 million for the Greens/Nader, a 56-44 margin.… Read more ...

November/December Open Thread and Election Results

Thousands of state and local elections were held across the country on November 2, 2021.

LIBERTARIANS: The party estimates that voters across the United States elected approximately 150 candidates to office last night, with final totals expected to be much higher in the coming weeks due to close calls and write-in races.… Read more ...

Special Election: American Solidarity Party Candidate Captures 2% as GOP Holds NH State House Seat

New Hampshire voters opted for Town Councilor Bill Boyd over Democratic former state representative Wendy Thomas in a special election to fill a vacant seat in the state’s legislature.

American Solidarity Party candidate Stephen Hollenberg made a valiant effort, raising funds and sending out an unusually positive piece of direct mail to voters in the district.… Read more ...

Los Angeles County Finishes Counting Write-in Votes from June Primary

Los Angeles County Finishes Counting Write-in Votes in June Primary; Republican Qualifies for November Ballot for U.S. House Race

Edited by Richard Winger

July 4, 2012

Los Angeles County, California, has now finished tallying write-in votes for declared write-in candidates in the June 5, 2012 primary. In the U.S. House race, 37th district, there had been only one name on the primary ballot, incumbent Karen Bass, a Democrat.… Read more ...

LPO 2012 Primary Early Returns Strong

Posted in full with permission from Wes Wagner at Libertarian Party of Oregon

Chairperson Wagner Declares The Election A Success

The first Libertarian Party of Oregon Primary, being conducted by mail ballot, has very strong early returns. A total of 302 ballots were picked up and processed by the election tellers on June 14th.… Read more ...

USA Today: Roseanne Barr not giving up Green Party campaign

Down but not out, comedian Roseanne Barr says she is still in the running for the Green Party presidential nomination despite the fact that her opponent appears to have locked up the race.

Party officials say that Jill Stein — a physician who ran against Mitt Romney for governor of Massachusetts as the Green Party candidate in 2002 – is the presumptive nominee, having secured a majority of the delegates to next month’s national convention in Baltimore.

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Objectivist Party Nominates Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates

Richard Winger reports on the Objectivist Party’s presidential and vice presidential nominations in 2012.

Sometime in 2010, at an event in St. Louis, the Objectivist Party nominated Thomas Stevens for President for the 2012 election. The 2012 vice-presidential nominee is Alden Link. The same pair ran in 2008, and received 755 votes in the entire nation.

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California Libertarian Party Primary Results

The Libertarian Party nominated former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson for president last month, however, on Tuesday, California held a primary to determine whether the party’s nomination matched the wishes of its California members.

With all precincts reporting, the results did indeed match the convention as Johnson finished first among the field of nine candidates with 5,349 votes, 49.5% of the total.… Read more ...

California American Independent Party Primary Results

On Tuesday, members of the right-wing American Independent Party had the opportunity to vote in the non-binding California primary for three candidates seeking their presidential nomination.

With all precincts reporting, former American Independent Party chairman Edward C. Noonan won with 13,557 votes, 39.4% of the total. Radio host Laurie Roth came in second with 12,771 votes (37.1%), and Mad Max Riekse finished third with 8,083 (23.5%).… Read more ...

Wisconsin Betrayed By Silencing of Democracy Movement, Says Jill Stein


Dr. Jill Stein, the victor in the Green Party presidential primaries, this morning issued the following statement about yesterday’s recall elections in Wisconsin:

“For over a year now, the working people of Wisconsin have been under siege by the fossil fuel, mining, and toxic chemical corporations. Yesterday’s recall election was deeply flawed.… Read more ...