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Libertarian National Convention Results

The votes were

Angela McArdle — 691

Steve Dasbach – 151

Tony D’Orazio – 103

Caryn Ann Harlos has been elected as National Secretary

Harlos – 694 Gain of 3 from McArdle
Wilford – 239 Loss of 15 from Dasbach and D’Orazio

Todd Hagopian has been elected as National Treasurer

Hagopian – 731 Gain of 40 from McArdle
Hagan – 206 Loss of 48 from Dasbach + D’Orazio

Joshua Smith has been elected National Vice Chair. 

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Third Parties Can’t Win, Part 1

“Third-parties have no chance of winning!” -Way too many voters in Arkansas

Admittedly, this indubitably frustrating refrain echoes on the lips of thousands of Arkansas voters every election. Any time a third-party candidate asks for a vote, with a dreadful certainty, this rejoinder is ripped quickly from its sheath and enthusiastically deployed in parrying any thoughts of winning an election that may have been dancing in the minds of third-party candidates.… Read more ...