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Ballot Access Activists in PA make “How-To-Lobby” video

Thanks to Ballot Access News for the tip.

Here is a link to the above video at Youtube.

The above video was created by Pennsylvania ballot access activists to show people how they can act as constituents and prepare a meeting with their local legislator to discuss the Voter’s Choice Act.… Read more ...

Chair of LPNY gives update on Warren Redlich’s vote tally lawsuit

Redlich v. NY Board of Elections

I am sorry to advise that on June 15, 2011, Albany County Supreme Court Justice Richard Platkin granted defendants’ motion to dismiss the Article 78 (mandamus) challenge to the Board’s final determination of Warren Redlich’s vote total six months earlier on purely procedural grounds.

Both Warren and I felt strongly that that the confusion created by placing more than one party’s candidate for the same office in the same column, the intentional and/or negligent undercounting of military and absentee ballots and the likelihood that various local county boards of election failed to count every vote cast after the results were known warranted review by the judiciary; unfortunately Justice Platkin chose not to consider any of our arguments on the merits of the lawsuit.

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Tuesday, June 7: Electoral Freedom Act to be considered in North Carolina

Sent to the IPR submissions e-mail by Paulie. Received from the announce list at lpnc.org:

Below is a special message from Free the Vote North Carolina, a coalition of which the LPNC is a member.

Please call or write your representative this Monday or Tuesday and ask them to support the Electoral Freedom Act (H32), a bill that will significantly ease ballot access restrictions in NC.… Read more ...

History of John Anderson’s 1980 Independent Presidential Candidacy About to be Published

from Ballot Access News
History of John B. Anderson’s 1980 Independent Presidential Candidacy About to be Published

May 30th, 2011

Jim Mason’s book “No Holding Back: the 1980 John B. Anderson Presidential Campaign” is about to be published, and can be pre-ordered at Amazon. This book is considerably longer than an earlier history about that campaign, “Diary of a Dark Horse.”

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IPR blogtalk 1/24/10: Paulie, Andy Jacobs and Brian Bittner discuss harassment of petitioners and Andy’s arrest

Yesterday evening, Andy Jacobs and I (Paulie) discussed harassment of ballot access petitioners, including Andy’s arrest outside a public library while petitioning to get the Green and Libertarian Parties back on the Maryland ballot. For the first hour of the show we were joined by Maryland Green Party Co-Chair Brian Bittner.… Read more ...

RESCHEDULED: IPR Blogtalk today (Monday): Brian Bittner, Andy Jacobs on Maryland ballot access petitioning and arrest

UPDATE: I screwed up last week and scheduled the show for 15 minutes, and Andy also was not on the call. This time I have made sure that we will have long enough for the show. It will be on today (Monday) at 8 PM Eastern time, and I will also try to make sure everyone is on this time.Read more ...

Maryland Greens and Libertarians hand in signatures; petitioners harassed, one arrested at public library

[Posted by Paulie]

The Maryland Green Party submitted 14,842 signatures and the Maryland Libertarian Party submitted 13,787 signatures towards a requirement of 10,000 valid signatures. The deadline for submitting additional signatures has been extended to March 7:

The Maryland petition deadline for a party that wishes to obtain, or regain, its qualified status is not until August 2012.

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Ballot Access News: Newspaper in Maine says Ballot Access too easy

from Ballot Access News, editor Richard Winger
Portland, Maine Press-Herald Thinks Maine Ballot Access is Too Easy
March 20th, 2010

The Portland, Maine daily newspaper, the Portland Press Herald [also the Maine Sunday Telegram], has this editorial in its March 17 issue. The editorial says it is now too easy for an independent candidate to get on the November ballot.

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A small victory for electoral activism: Change in Mississippi law

from Ballot Access News
Mississippi Governor Signs Bill Setting a 5 p.m. Deadline for Presidential Elector Paperwork

On March 19, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour signed SB 3058. It sets a 5 p.m. deadline for presidential elector paperwork. The old law set the deadline date, but not an hour. This bill only came into existence because of the 2008 incident at which the Secretary of State’s office rejected the paperwork for Brian Moore, Socialist Party presidential candidate.

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Nader statement on Supreme Court decision and corporate domination

Ralph Nader ran for President of the United States with the Green Party, and more recently as an independent candidate. The following was posted at Nader.org on January 21, 2010:

Statement of Ralph Nader on Supreme Court Decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

Today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in Citizens United v.

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