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Constitution Party: Your Help Is Again Urgently Needed

The Constitution Party sent the following message to the party’s email subscribers Thursday seeking presidential electors:

Because of your tremendous response, we succeeded in getting 55 electors in California. Your support was incredible! Securing those 55 electors was a prerequisite that provides the Constitution Party presidential candidate, Don Blankenship, with a strong probability of being on the California ballot this November.… Read more ...

Alan Keyes Discusses Different Methods of Choosing Electors

Alan Keyes is a former Presidential candidate of the America’s Independent Party, after failing to receive the nomination of the Constitution Party in 2008. Here, he write extensively concerning the methods by which individual states choose their presidential electors.

In the first years of the republic, the different States adopted various methods for choosing the Electors:

Some State legislatures decided to choose the Electors themselves.

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