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Posts tagged as “ElfNinosMom”

LNC (some of it, anyway) to sue for removal of Phillies from NH ballot

According to Last Free Voice:

The Libertarian Party (Libertarian National Committee, Incorporated) is apparently preparing to file suit against the New Hampshire Secretary of State. The lawsuit will demand that the state place Bob Barr on the ballot, and remove George Phillies from the ballot.

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Barr campaign takes heat for AC expense

According to a Bob Barr fundraising e-mail sent out by campaign manager Russ Verney, the Barr campaign spent $19,000 to install air conditioning at its campaign HQ, which will only be in use through the November election. This, and other expenses that the campaign candidly disclosed in the e-mail, have been called into question by the editor of Last Free Voice, ElfNinosMom.… Read more ...