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Credentials Committee Refuses to Seat Delegates from Epstein’s Libertarian Party of Oregon’s PAC

This exchange has been seen on Libertarian Party email lists.

Dear Mr. Epstein:

The 2016 LP Credentials Committee has considered your April 16 submission of delegates from Oregon for the convention in Orlando. We regret that we cannot accept these delegates for Oregon.

Since 2011 the national Libertarian Party and the State of Oregon have recognized the Wagner/Hedbor group as the official Libertarian Party in Oregon.… Read more ...

Michigan LP Chair Emily Salvette endorses Wayne Root for national chair

Email from Wayne Root to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

“It’s time the Libertarian Party had a horse in the media race. After almost 30 years in the LP, I’m ready to stop talking to ourselves and start talking to the world. That’s why I’m endorsing Wayne Root for LNC Chair and Mark Rutherford for Vice Chair.”… Read more ...