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Angela Keaton resigning from LNC

Characterizing the LNC’s charges against Angela Keaton as a “witch trial,” Antiwar.com’s Eric Garris says the leaders of the Libertarian Party are “fixated on alienating those in their own party who still take libertarian principles seriously. Those who dissent from the LP’s new strategy of a watered-down platform and soft-Republican national politics will be unwelcome, even purged.”… Read more ...

Ron Paul qualified as official write-in candidate in California

Eric Garris just reported over at the LewRockwell.com blog that Ron Paul will be an official write-in candidate in California. This is in addition to Ron Paul being on the ballot in Montana and Louisiana.

The California Secretary of State will announce tomorrow that Ron Paul has been certified as an official write-in candidate for President.

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Will Barr’s campaign manager be fired?

The IPR-coined term “Snubgate” made it to the most widely read libertarian Web site in the world, LewRockwell.com, today, when Eric Garris published an entry on the LRC blog asking if the Barr campaign’s leadership is “splitting.”

Garris’s question was prompted by the scathing editorial David Franke, a conservative movement veteran, posted at Third Party Watch.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party, movement mourns passing of International Society for Individual Liberty President Vince Miller

I last saw Vince Miller at the LP National Convention in Denver. According to Tom Knapp, Vince got Valley Fever soon after Denver, although the doctors at first thought it was pneumonia. I am saddened that Vince is no longer with us.

Eric Garris writes at antiwar.com blog,

In lieu of cards or flowers those wishing to honor him are asked to contribute to Vince’s life cause, the International Society for Individual Liberty.

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