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In NY, Libertarian Eric Sundwall at 1%

On Monday, March 9, 2009, Libertarian Eric Sundwall filed his petitions with the New York State Board of Elections . Sundwall will be on the ballot for Congress, in the 20th District (covering areas in the mid Hudson Valley and the Adirondacks.)

This is a special election, which will be held on Tuesday, March 31st, to determine the successor to Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand (recently appointed by Governor Paterson to fill Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.)… Read more ...

Mike Gravel endorses Eric Sundwall

Mike GravelĀ served asĀ a Democratic US Senator from Alaska from 1969-1981. In 2008, he ran a campaign for President in the Democratic and Libertarian Parties. Since then he has endorsed Independents, Greens, and Libertarians who endorse his National Initiative. Those people have included Neil Keirnan Stephenson (L-MI) and Jesse Johnson (G-WV).… Read more ...

North County Public Radio: Covering Libertarians and other alternative party candidates

Brian Mann writes,

A couple of posters have begun zinging me pretty hard about NCPR’s lack of coverage of the Libertarian candidate in the 20th CD race.

Here’s John Warren’s take on my decision to not include Eric Sundwall in my opening piece about the special election.

That’s a disgrace, it’s un-American and anti-Democratic.

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Eric Sundwall formally announces for CD-20 in New York

Eric Sundwall, the chairman of the New York Libertarian Party, has formally announced his intention to run in the special election to replace Kirsten Gillibrand in CD-20. Sundwall said in the announcement:

We will have 12 days to collect over 3500 signatures to get on the ballot. We accept this challenge because the people of the 20th District are tired of the machine politics of a smoke filled room.

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Campaign update: Eric Sundwall, Libertarian for Congress (NY-20)

Radio appearance: 590 AM – WROW, Feb. 5, Afternoon Drive with Sherman Baldwin.

Feb. 6, Break the Matrix with with Kurt Wallace on Wake up America! – see http://www.ustream.tv/channel/capital-outsider, and American Politics with John Wallace on Blog Talk Radio.

Letter to the Post Star Editorial Board:

Dear Post Star Editorial Board,

In your haste to see a speedy play of this special election, please consider another side of democracy.

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Libertarian Party of New York chair Eric Sundwall responds to soda sin tax via youtube

Emailed by Eric Sundwall to contact.ipr@gmail.com

A YouTube response from Eric Sundwall, LPNY Chair, to a YouTube piece by NYS Health Commissioner Dr. Richard Daines.

Sundwall Response:

Daines Original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARMgjdbY93o

(this URL did not work when I tried it)

Note: If bureaucrats are making cases for legislation for their boss via YouTube, they should be prepared to respond
and simultaneously be deluged by the populace in general.

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New York LP denounces ‘myopic’ state budget proposal

The Libertarian Party of New York “is denouncing the 2009-2010 budget proposal by Governor David Paterson,” the party said in a news release. “Citing the myopic proposal of increased entitlements and more tax increases, Chairman Eric Sundwall is asking that Albany not panic like Washington did earlier this year.” Sundwall said, “It’s clear that the solution is always more spending and taxation by most political players.… Read more ...

LPNY Chair Sundwall to national LP: if Keaton is suspended, potential secession of affiliates may be ‘reasonable and with proper cause’

In an open letter to the LNC, LPNY chair Eric Sundwall says

In my estimation this is an internal political pogrom whose results may render the very fabric of our enterprise inoperable or at the very least permanently unpalatable to a large segment of membership. If we cannot function with a general transparency and proceed to render verdict or judgment without reasonable due process, I would consider such resolutions as necessary for potential secession of affiliates as reasonable and with proper cause.

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