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Laura Brown: Alive, Free, and Happy to Be At the 5th Annual So CA Libertarian Conference

Originally posted to California Libertarian Women’s Caucus

Written by Laura Brown
January 21, 2013

For freedom-loving women, the place to be Saturday, January 18 was Ontario, California for the 5th annual Southern California Libertarian party conference. An inspiring group of speakers, singer/performer Jordan Page, and an after party with bands and dancing…Libertarian women were well represented, including speaker Stephanie Butts, organizer of California College Libertarians, and Susan Marie Weber, recently elected city council member in Palm Desert.… Read more ...

Wes Wagner Plans to Run for Libertarian National Committee Chair

Oregon Libertarian Party chair Wes Wagner has announced in IPR comments that he intends on running for chair of the Libertarian National Committee (from IPR comments):

Well I finally did it. I figured it was time to pay my dues considering that I intend to go to Vegas and run against Mr.

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Ernie Hancock, Mark Hinkle, Mary Ruwart join with others to help bring libertarian message to Arab world

UPDATE: With the resignation of Mubarak in Egypt this morning, I felt that we should move this article up so as to keep it on the front page and am changing the time stamp on it to be more current. My apologies to anyone who feels this is unwarranted.

Ernie Hancock writes:

Google Translators are already available and the graphics are very timely.

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San Francisco Libertarian Activist Starchild at Protest of Solidarity with the People of Egypt

San Francisco Libertarian Activist Starchild attended a protest of solidarity with the people of Egypt. The protest took place Saturday, February 5, and took place at United Nations Plaza in San Francisco. Starchild’s rough estimate is perhaps three or four hundred people were present. Starchild writes:

I encourage people to get these and similar images up on as many Libertarian and libertarian sites as possible, including LP.org,

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Nominations and Seconds for Chair Candidates

The nomination process for chair candidates is their last chance to speak to delegates and to have proxies speak about them to delegates. The speeches occurred in random order.

Wayne Root was nominated first, by Indianapolis City Councilman Ed Coleman of Indiana, the Libertarian Party’s highest elected official currently. He said that Root was “the spark” the Libertarian Party needed.… Read more ...

Darryl Perry Nominates Himself For Chair, Advises Delegates to Join Boston Tea Party

At the end of nomination for chair candidates, Bill Redpath asked if there were any other nomination for chairman of the Libertarian Party. Darryl Perry of Alabama walked to the mic and nominated himself as a candidate. Current chairman  Bill Redpath accepted his nomination, with a sigh, and welcomed him to make a nomination speech.… Read more ...

Pictures From the Libertarian Party National Chairman Debate

I was unfortunately unable to find an individual picture of George Phillies at the podium, but he was included in the shot of all the candidates at the table and participated during the debate. Thanks to Nicholas Sarwark and Mark Noble for pictures via Twitter.… Read more ...

Richard Cooper’s endorsement of Mark Hinkle for Libertarian Party Chair among top google news results for ‘libertarian’

Currently at #3 for Google News results for Libertarian (includes articles not related to the Libertarian Party as well), Richard Cooper at Ground Report:

On Memorial Day weekend, the Libertarian Party in the United States www.lp.org will hold its biennial convention in St. Louis, Missouri. The principal task will be the election of the Chair and other officers.… Read more ...

Brian Holtz sends mailing to 1,500 current and former delegates: ‘9 Facts LP Delegates Should Know About Ernest Hancock’

Originally posted at Libertarian Intelligence. Although Brian Holtz also writes for IPR, the views expressed are his own. IPR is not endorsing or unendorsing any candidates.

[I sent this letter to 1500 delegates of the current and recent Libertarian national conventions. It invites delegates to view the following videos.]

Dear fellow Libertarian delegate,

I’m writing to share with you some information about one of the candidates for Chair of the Libertarian National Committee: Ernest Hancock. … Read more ...

Brian Holtz: ‘$100 Contest: Ernest Hancock or Timothy McVeigh?’

Posted by Brian Holtz at Libertarian Intelligence. Any implied opinions are Brian’s, and should not be taken as an IPR endorsement or counter-endorsement of any LNC candidate.

Ernest Hancock said recently on his radio show that he’s considering sending to each Libertarian NatCon delegate a copy of the conspiracy-theory video Invisible Empire. … Read more ...

ErnestHancock.org: L. Neil Smith’s aphorisms, Q & A with Ernie Hancock, and a video

Ernest Hancock is a candidate for chair of the Libertarian National Committee. His LNC chair campaign website is at http://ernesthancock.org/.

The top three items on the front page of that website right now are 1) The “Meltup” video seen below, 2) Aphorisms from libertarian author L. Neil Smith, and 3) Questions and Answers with Ernie Hancock.… Read more ...