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Reform Party of California: What is the Proper Size and Scope in Government?

 Published on the Reform Party’s website:


This essay is the first in a series that the Reform Party of California (RPCA) is publishing to articulate its rationale and approach to reform and politics. The series will explain and justify the basis for the Party’s intellectual framework as a better and more efficient way to implement policies in an intelligent, compassionate and fiscally sustainable manner.

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Greens want NY Gov. Cuomo to act on ethics before budget

A press release from the New York State Green Party, via the Wonkster:

Hawkins, Green Party, Urges Cuomo to Include Public Campaign Finance Reform and Proportional Representation as Part of Ethics Reform Push Howie Hawkins, the former Green Party candidate for Governor, urged Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo to make Public Campaign Financing and Proportional Representation the centerpieces of a broad ethics reform package that should be adopted during the first weeks of the legislative session.… Read more ...